After Being Bullied for So Long, Targets Can Seemingly Grow Accustomed to It

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It’s one of the most heartbreaking aspects of being bullied- enduring it for so long that you finally grow accustomed to it and resign yourself. Sadly, targets eventually grow numb because the bullying has gone on for so long that the attacks don’t even hurt anymore.

What happens it that you get so used to the torment that the more subtle attacks no longer sound cruel. Some people think that targets are better off when they no longer realize they’re being bullied. But are they really?

toxic brainwashing

I don’t know. In some instances, yes, and in others, no. If you don’t react because you don’t know to, some bullies will get bored with the lack of response and leave you alone. But others will only bully you worse because either they know you didn’t catch it, or they get angry because you must be ignoring them.

Either way, there comes a point when the target just says, “F it!” and doesn’t care anymore. In order to survive and keep your sanity, sometimes it becomes a necessity not to give a damn until you can find a way out.

0 thoughts on “After Being Bullied for So Long, Targets Can Seemingly Grow Accustomed to It

  1. Reena Saxena says:

    Brainwashing has become easier with the ‘meme culture’ and social media. We believe that the stuff designed with a purpose and churned out from content factories to be true.

  2. Pajama Party 39 says:

    I think unfortunately some people use it as a coping mechanism though not healthy. No one should ever accept being bullied or watch others being tortured. I get angry when some people call it a rite of passage.

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