One Sneaky Way to Conquer Your Bullies

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“The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

So says the age-old proverb, and it has certainly rung true for many a century. If you are the target of any bully, rest assured that you haven’t been the first nor the only poor soul who has fallen victim to him/her.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that your bullies have enemies, lots of them. Only you don’t know it because bullies naturally put up the facade that they are the greatest things since sliced bread and that everyone adores them. But every bit of it is a lie.

Although what I’m about to advise may seem a little underhanded, it isn’t, and it will certainly help you in getting the bullies off your back. Social science has long proved that comradeship is born when two or more people can find something (or someone) they dislike…a common enemy that they all share a passionate distaste for.

Find out who your bullies’ enemies are.

You must find out who your bullies’ enemies are, connect with them, and befriend them. Also, make sure to have their backs and vice versa, then you and your bullies’ enemies can unite as allies. I guarantee that the enemies, whoever they are, will be more than happy to oblige and you will instantly become comrades!

Group of happy friends cheering with wine and beers at a boat party. Diverse men and women having drinks at a sunset yacht party.

There’s strength in numbers.

Always. And rarely do lone wolves survive in the social world. Thank evolution for that one. The more of your bullies’ enemies you can make friends and allies, the more protection and support you will garner to keep the bullies at bay.

Remember that bullies are cowards, and they almost always pursue the lone wolf. So, if you can become friends with as many of your bullies’ enemies as possible, the bullying will stop. Why? Because bullies never attack anyone who is surrounded by others.

Also, you will have the kinds of friends who will protect and look out for you.

Then your bullies will go find another victim and leave you alone. How I wish I thought of this back when I was in school! Things definitely would have been a lot different!

There are always options, and this is only one!

With knowledge comes empowerment!

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    • Mama Games says:

      That is one of my favorite sayings and I don’t think it’s sneaky I think it is smart and another great saying is “ don’t work harder, work smarter” and that can apply to all parts of life not just your job. Even as adults we have to deal with bullies and instead of worrying about the bully worry about how to make connections that will like you said conquer your bully!

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