Smear Campaigns In-Depth

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It always starts subtly. Bullies start rumors by dropping a suggestion. And all it takes is one little rumor- just one! Because people will want to believe it.

If enough people do, it will become the truth even if it is a bald-faced lie. And there’s no getting away from public opinion no matter how false or unjustified it is.

Bullies ruin targets by making things up, leaking info they hear, or spreading ideas. Next, the bullies will fade into the background because they know that with everything put together, the rumor or whatever lie they spread will stick. They’ve done their part, and now they can sit back and let the rumor mill do the work for them. It’s that easy!

Let’s break it down.

The bullies start by suggesting that the target would be better off if he/she got professional help, moved, etc . They will say that it’s for his (the target’s) own good.

They may then drop an offhand comment here and another there.

In the beginning, the target may have friends and be very well-liked. And these friends may try to support the victim and speak on his behalf, but that’s when the bullies will tell them, “Oh, no. There’s more to it than what he told you.” Or, the bullies may lie to the friends by telling them that sometime in the past, the target criticized them (the friends) or stabbed them in the back.

Now it’s time for the bullies to stand back and let the old rumor mill do its handiwork. And, sure enough, the lies become the truth. People begin reporting things to the bullies and higher-ups in the social hierarchy- even things that never happened.

And as the rumors and lies spread from person to person, the bigger they get until they sound so bizarre and outlandish they’d be fit for a horror movie.

The target might say, “Aw, but they’re my friends. They’d never do that to me. They know I’m a good person, and I have a clean reputation. All I have to do is tell them my side of things, and this stuff will go away.”


Once the rumors get around, the target’s friends will no longer believe him to be right. They’ll only think the victim is a thorn in the side with a big mouth. By the time bullying is underway, your reputation is no longer clean.

Now, everyone thinks the target never deserved any respect or friendship. The people around him also feel that the reason he was so well-liked is that he conned his way into their hearts.

They’ll say that the target put on a front, and he only weaseled his way into everyone’s good graces. The bullies and their followers may even accuse the victim of being a kiss-arse.

The target’s past wins, accomplishments, successes, or accolades will be made irrelevant. And every mistake and failure will be maximized, along with many more he didn’t make. At the same time, they’ll rewrite the victim’s history.

When you’re a target, even if others see with their own eyes evidence of your successes, friendships- anything positive, they’ll only react by claiming that you’re only a smooth-talker who’s darn good at using fake charm to manipulate others.

And the friends that your bullies turn against you? Your former friends will claim that they never liked you from the start and that they were only kind to you because they were afraid of you, felt sorry for you, or because you smooth-talked and conned them.

Your so-called friends will tell others, “who you really are.” They’ll claim that the bullies you bitched about were only reacting to your sneaky provocations, and if they ever agreed with you about your bullies, they only did so because you fooled them into it.

And telling your side of things will do no good because they’ll never believe it anyway. Your embittered friends “may have fallen for it at first,” but now they claim to “know better.”

I want you to understand that their minds are already made up and there’s no changing it.

In cases like these, it’s best just to find a way to get out of the environment altogether and never look back, and to never have anything to do with any of these people again. You owe it to yourself to kick them all to the curb.

With knowledge comes empowerment!

0 thoughts on “Smear Campaigns In-Depth

  1. stella5454 says:

    Hard to believe that this really happens in life, but it does. You can get through it though, with determination and hard work.

    Learning to let go of things and people I have no control over who hurt me, was the first step. Learning to accept my Bullies will do and say whatever they want, when they want, was the next. I can’t control any of that, so why stress over it?

    Finding my voice, speaking my own truth, was hard too but I did that too.

    I came to believe that while there are people who will believe the lies spread about you, the most important ones, do not.

    Most people in your life are too smart to believe the words of total strangers written online in various domains and once you stay true to yourself, in time it will all go away. My time has come!

    There were 6 various domains online written by an anonymous administrator filled with nastiness about me for the past 4 yrs. I stood my ground and now they are all GONE! Accounts Suspended!

    I assume my Bullies got fed up trying to incite hate against me that was getting no where and spending money on a lost cause.

    I am finally getting free of their smear campaign!

    • cheriewhite says:

      I’m so glad you got your life back, Stella and that their vitriol didn’t succeed. Continue to live your best life, sweetie. Wishing you the love and success you so richly deserve. 💖💐🌹

  2. Kym Gordon Moore says:

    OMG, scandalous. The sad thing is, the vicious gossip instigator can spread so much dirt to try to dehumanize their victims. But oh honey, when the shoe is on the other foot, or better yet their foot, payback can be a bitch, and it may not come from their target, but from someone targeting them! 🎯😲💯

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