Reasons Bullies Hate Those Who Prefer to Be Themselves

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Bullies are fake. They have to be to instill fear in those around them. And they resent anyone content with themselves and comfortable in their own skin.

Here’s Why:

1. Most bullies are highly insecure– more insecure than others; people who are themselves are usually more charming, seductive, and graceful. An authentic person will captivate others without trying. Because of his openness and fluidity, he draws people to him like a magnet. And bullies are jealous of anyone who enjoys good relations with others.

Understand that not only are bullies insecure, but they’re also vain. Authentic people outshine them without even trying and just their presence alone makes the bullies appear less alluring and charismatic to others.

Avoid these vanity bullies like the plague because they will find a way to destroy you if you stay around them. These people will only force you to suppress your natural charm and goodness, so you won’t look like you’re better than them.

be yourself

2. People who are themselves don’t have to make any effort because they are their natural selves. On the other hand, being fake requires a lot of work. There are also a lot of worries that go with it- worries that you might slip up and get your lies twisted, that you may accidentally expose yourself through your actions, and that your true personality will somehow seep through.

Bullies resent the fact that authentic people don’t have to work and worry as they do.

But no matter what these bullies may throw at you, never be afraid to be yourself. Never hide anything about you. Because if you do, you’ll only lose a bit of yourself each time you put on an act until you lose yourself entirely.

To be fake, you have to work too hard. I’m too lazy for that. And so is anyone who prefers to be themselves.

0 thoughts on “Reasons Bullies Hate Those Who Prefer to Be Themselves

  1. annmary0723 says:

    that’s absolutely true! when you have to do something, you kind of get negative feelings towards those, who are free from a certain burden,, and they always think why this person can be like this and be accepted and I’m not

    • cheriewhite says:

      Absolutely correct. I remember thinking like that myself. But now, I consider it a blessing because my bullies and their sycophants were people who weren’t even worth knowing!

      • annmary0723 says:

        they’re in our lives to make us stronger and better, so that’s at least one thing to be thankful to them haha,,I went through a similar situation and I’m really thankful for those my “friends” who opened my eyes and make me accept and appreciate myself ♥️

  2. Debby says:

    I was bullied in HS by the “popular girls” because I was an introvert. 3 out of those 4 years were very hard for me and 1 attempted suicide. I absolutely detest bullies.

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