Hello, everyone! My name is Cherie White and I am a mom, writer, former Army brat, and music lover. This is my very first post to my very first blog so I am brand new to the blogosphere and have much to learn. I am a tactile learner, or in simpler terms, I learn best just by diving in and getting my hands dirty. Like Nike, I just DO IT! However, I value and am always open to advice from anyone who has been blogging longer than I.

I am an aspiring writer, having written six novels, which have not been published yet- five fiction and one nonfiction. There will be more where those novels came from. My most recently completed novel, the nonfiction which is tentatively entitled, “From Victim to Victor (A Survivor’s True Story of Her Own Experiences with School Bullying. How She Overcame, Won Back Her Confidence, and Found Peace and Happiness)” is a true story about the culture of bullying that infected the school I attended back in the mid to late ’80s. This manuscript is not only about the bullying I suffered, but also about the bullying that (I remorsefully and shamefully admit) I inflicted upon others in order to feel better about myself. This book is brutally honest as I confess my own inner thoughts of the people involved and the poor choices I made to either fit in, or escape the torment. One of those poor choices was an attempt to take my own life at the age of 14 and I am very fortunate to be alive to tell the tale. I go on to tell how I was able to escape the harassment, forgive my classmates, and live a life of peace and happiness.

Today, too many young people are taking their own lives due to being the target of bullying. Children and teens who have the ability to someday become doctors, writers, actors, inventors…are dying before their lives have begun and it is a tragic waste of young life.

This is something that I am passionate about and my wish is to help re-empower teens and young adults who either go through the same thing today or who are survivors.

So, my message is this: If you are being mercilessly bullied at school, know that the torment will not last forever. Even though you may not see an end to it now, there will come a day when you will be free of your tormentors and therefore, you will be free to be your true authentic self without fear of ridicule. Eventually, you can go on to live a very happy, peaceful and prosperous life. I did it and you can do it too!



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