Poem About Girls and Women Victimized and Made Voiceless by Current Culture

“But I’m a woman,” he claims just before sauntering into the girl’s bathroom,

As I stand in the mirror to refresh my lip gloss, over and behind me, he’ll loom,

Then he’ll grab me, forcibly placing his hand over my mouth to stifle my scream,

This can’t be, I can’t believe this is happening because it seems like a bad dream,

He aggressively drags me kicking into the bathroom stall as I try to struggle free,

He’s too strong, his crushing grip too tight, he has overwhelming power over me,

Dressed like a woman but with the strength of a man, he wrestles me to the floor,

Shame on me, ‘should’ve been more alert, I never saw him come through the door,

He rips open my blouse and fiercely raises my skirt, my body he greedily plunders,

He steals my innocence and strips me of dignity and my most precious wonders,

He’s a thief of a different kind- money, jewelry, material things you can easily replace,

But what he takes from me is something I can never get back, this is so hard to face,

A man dressed in drag with his toothy grin in my face as my virginity he robs,

Lord, Jesus, how many more girls have to end up like me before the insanity stops,

With his hand over my mouth only the tears that flood my eyes can be my outlet,

This can’t be legal but surely someone in power is willing to throw down the gauntlet

As he finishes and stands up I feel robbed, violated, defiled, dirty, tainted, and gross

I’ll never be the same, I’m forever changed, I’m now rotten inside like a withered rose

New laws have emboldened this man and identity politics is the lie of all lies,

But those in power won’t care but only shame me for my tearful cries,

My voice unheard and story untold as society forces me to be quiet about the violence

Lest I risk being labeled trans-phobic I must remain voiceless as I suffer in silence,

In the eyes of society my story is hate speech and if I speak I’ll only be cancelled,

But how long, I ask, how long will we continue to allow our rights to be trampled,

Society says the rights of people who identify as the opposite sex should never end,

But as a girl made victim by of one of these people, where do my rights begin,

The flashbacks, nightmares and feelings of worthlessness will never let me be

Because I was made an easier target by laws and laws are supposed to protect me

To all the women and girls who’ve been in situations like this, lawmakers may not give a thought to what you’ve endured, but know this, we see you, we hear you, and we care!