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Cherie White has been writing stories ever since she was ten years old. She has a love for writing articles, blog posts, novellas, and novels.

Because she experienced severe bullying in middle and high school, she is an advocate for bullied youth and has a passion for spreading bullying awareness and reaching out to bullied kids and young adults.

Cherie is married to John Michael White and is a mother of two and grandmother of one, living in Covington, TN. She loves God, time with family and close friends, travel, reading personal development, music, swimming, inner-tubing, camping, hiking, and skydiving.

Cherie’s goals are to become a New York Times and International Bestseller, to have one of her books become a screenplay and feature film, and to become a public speaker in the anti-bullying movement to help bullied youth achieve confidence, peace, and happiness.

“I’m a married mother of two grown children and grandmother of one, residing in Covington, Tennessee. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, music, exercise, camping, hiking, swimming and inner-tubing. I love ’80s Hair Metal, Prince (musician) and the Alabama Crimson Tide.”

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