When Cyber-Bullying Becomes Dangerous- Doxxing

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Not long ago, I wrote a post entitled, “Cyber-Bullies, Stalkers, and Trolls.” In it I mentioned the importance of not letting faceless cowards get to you. I also mentioned that most of the above were a bunch of losers who were living in their mom’s basements and were bored and miserable with their existences and were to be laughed at or pitied.

And that’s most certainly true with most keyboard warriors. But!

What happens when online bullying goes too far? What happens when you encounter a more sinister troll- one who doxxes you and finds out your address, cellphone number, where you work, go to school, hang out- or, even scarier, who your family members are?

Then, it’s no laughing matter! This is a situation you must take seriously because things can get dangerous fast. If a troll doxxes you and finds out all this information, who’s to say the cyber-stalking bully won’t show up at your door and try to break in? Who’s to say the creep won’t go after your spouse and kids?

Anytime you have a doxxer on your tail, you’re dealing with a very vindictive, diabolical, and mentally disturbed individual(s) and you don’t know what the person is capable of!

In recent years, we’ve heard many, many stories of people being doxxed and creeps showing up on their doorsteps wanting to deal with them personally. Some people have had to go into hiding and a few have even had to go underground. It’s terrifying!

This is not paranoia; these are real and legitimate fears. And it’s plain to see that the law isn’t doing enough to protect innocent, law-abiding citizens when it comes to cyber-bullying and doxxing.

I believe the reason why people aren’t protected, and laws aren’t passed to crack down on trolling, cyber-bullying, cyber-stalking, and doxxing is because neither Big Tech nor the government takes it seriously, and may even condone the behavior.

Big Tech is too powerful. Also, many of our lawmakers, especially oones with an evil agenda, secretly encourage this kind of behavior. How else could they keep track of, instill fear in, and censor those who do not go along with their narratives and who don’t live their lives the way theu think they should?

So, why would they regulate their own minions and tools who’ve been working for them and risk Big Tech de-funding their causes and campaigns?

Sadly, I don’t expect any laws to be passed to protect private citizens against doxxing anytime soon. In fact, if certain wealthy people (like George Soros, for instance) actually hire people to cyber-bully, troll, and dox “dissenters,” it’s a given that nothing will be done to protect the innocent.

With that said, if you’re ever in a situation where you’ve been cyber-stalked and doxxed by a cyber-bully, you must do what you must do to protect your privacy (or what little of it we all have left). Be aware of your surroundings and if anyone approaches you or breaks into your home, do what you’ve got to do to stay safe!

Doxxing cyber bullying

You have a  God-given, primal, and Constitutional right to protect yourself and the people you love. Yeah! You know what I’m saying. If someone inters your home uninvited and has clear intentions to hurt you and your family, you know what to do!

I may get some heat from the PC “woke” crowd over this post, but I don’t care. When it comes to safety and protection of human lives, any feelings and opinions automatically take a back seat. Period. Full stop!

Because, if some creep ever invades my house and it comes down to the lives of myself and my family, it’s no holds barred! I believe in the right to bear arms and to use them when the lives of you or your loved ones are threatened.

And I’d much rather be judged by twelve than carried by six- or worse, one of my family members get carried by six.

With knowledge comes empowerment!

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  1. Stella Reddy says:

    Sometimes, I do wish we had the same here in Canada, just because of the situation I was in. I had this done to me, and there was enough info shared online for myself that someone did try to commit fraud in my name with it and I was terrified for over 2 yrs to leave my home, afraid of attack. Good thing I lived in a building, with security cameras and protected entry, and my husband was the staff, who protected me as well.

    My picture, address, everything, was shared online, including a map for the property to make it easier. There are pics of my husband, one of the property owners, my sister, my youngest son and his wife, my niece and her partner with their 4 young children, all on this site at various times in the past… The Tenants who bullied me went after everyone they could find on social media and added it to the domain in my name. No one was off limits, including young children, even his own.

    It is very scary to be subjected to this and governments should do more to protect people. I write my government, every month, and share the links to all these nasty sites about me, even my own, and share some of the new things I have learned about. As they won’t do anything to help protect my personal name from this abuse online by strangers, I made my own site to help myself.

    • cheriewhite says:

      Oh, GOD, Stella! 😱😱😱 I can only imagine the terror you felt! I would’ve been petrified too, sweetie! Oh, Lord Jesus, HELP!!!! I’m pretty sure that you’re much safer now. But I hope your family is safe too, honey! 😭

      • Stella Reddy says:

        Oh Yes, it was a nightmare but one I got out of… I am very safe these days… It just took time for people to look deeper, and see the truth.

        I have no doubts that these days that no one believes a word he says about me anymore, I have been shown that for myself now in my new home. Even I laugh at it now! These Bullies narratives are too convoluted to be factual! I have been re-reading all the documents I have and laughing now thru it all! It is a relief for me to be able to do that, laugh at their nasty antics…

        • cheriewhite says:

          Laughing at their ridiculousness is definitely a sign that you’re healing nicely! I’m so proud of you, Stella! You’ve come a long way, baby! 💖🌺🌹

  2. 80smetalman says:

    I’m completely with you Cherie. I have never had such a stalker but if I had, I would do anything to protect myself and my family. While I live in a country where gun ownership isn’t a thing, I would use whatever else was at my disposal. I do own three softball bats.

    • cheriewhite says:

      Thank you, Michael! And I don’t blame you, use anything you can get your hands on, a bat, a brick, a knife, anything! Because when it comes down to the lives of you and your loved ones, all bets are OFF!

  3. Simone E says:

    Informative post, dear Cherie. It is awesome that you spoke your mind without fear of what those opposing your opinion may think! There are countless of horror stories where cyber bullying turned into something way more vicious, cruel and abusive. This is something which needs greater awareness and im super glad that you discussed this topic 😊
    Way to go!

  4. CareTrain says:

    I have several thoughts on this. For one, I think people misunderstand what the First Amendment is. You can’t cuss out a police officer, judge, etc without there being consequences. You have a right to voice your views about anything but not at the point where it can cause irrepairable harm to another person.

    As far as cyberbullying goes, the problem is it has turned school yard bullying into 24/7 bullying because even if a child stays off of the internet, there are still often times being attacked online and lives can be destroyed. Libel often occurs and yes stalking.

    Part of the problem is because of how polarized this society has become. People get brave behind a keyboard and seem incapable of intelligent, civil debate. Take social media for example, the problem is with some sites that are targeted to one political group like Parler, Truth Social, Me We, Gab, and others it turns into nothing but politics, no real interaction and many groups get radicialized. Those sites tend to not be overly popular in terms of users because they are targeted to one group when the masses are going to go to large websites like Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, and Instagram are open to all people. I find Facebook probably the most open minded despite its problems as I have friends on both sides of the political spectrum on there with probably a few more conservatives as friends. On Twitter, it is a lot more liberal with a few conservatives but not many. But there is plenty of discussion about other things too. But if you offer a differing view, expect people to want to get vicious which is why when you make a controversial statement enter at your own risk.

    The biggest thing is if you see someone bullied, stand up for them. Two, do not be afraid to block or if it isn’t Social Media contact the website, company, etc. Three, if you are being harassed document and file a police report!

  5. Miriam says:

    I’m with you! My safety and that of my family and those I love come first. Big Tech and big pharma have far too much power in my books. Your post raised real concerns, a very real problem these days with so much shared online, we have to be sooo careful.

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