The Negative Side to Reality Shows- How They Get Their High Ratings

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I feel compelled to discuss how these shows get their ratings to give parents who permit their children to watch them a better understanding of what subliminal messages their child may be receiving.

Sadly, reality shows that receive the highest ratings also have the highest peer abuse incidences, commonly called bullying. Peer abusers (bullies) love drama and are drawn to it like flies to feces! Bullying brings drama…always! The more altercations and confrontations a reality show displays for viewers, the more drama it brings.

More drama means the show is more interesting to viewers. The more interesting the show, the more views the show gets, and the higher the ratings the show receives.

Also, the more drama a certain reality star brings to a show (usually by bullying others on the show), the higher the show is rated, and in return, the higher the star is rated by producers of the show and network executives…all because he/she brings the most drama. For a reality star, this not only guarantees them a spot on the show’s next season but also much higher pay, with producers and execs offering the bullying star hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars!

This equals great rewards for bullies on the show…rewarding and encouraging despicable behavior! Think Teresa Guidice, “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” or Nene Leakes, “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

In my opinion, both of these women, who are in their 40’s and 50’s, have shown some of the most queen bee, mean girl behavior of anyone on television.

Should they even qualify as stars? I don’t know about anyone else, but in my opinion, watching women in this age group display such girl’s room/locker room antics is sickening and an embarrassment to my generation of women.

This behavior is unbecoming of women of any age but looks downright ugly coming from middle-aged women, whom you think would be a better example to younger females.

Parents need to sit down with children and explain that just because reality shows make bullying look glamorous does not mean that bullying is okay. Bullying is anything but glamorous, especially to victims.

Sadly, high ratings for these shows speak volumes about the society we live in today- that the bulk of society apparently has an insatiable appetite for trash. It is glaring proof that in the eyes of a vast majority, crap is king. It shouldn’t be any wonder that bullying and peer abuse is so globally rampant today.

Parents and grandparents must either forbid kids to watch these types of reality shows. If they permit them to watch it, they must also explain to the children that just because certain behavior is shown on television does not mean it is acceptable in real life.

We must also stop prioritizing petty and poor values, one of which is the misguided belief that being the most popular, liked, or the toughest kid on the block is what life’s all about.

0 thoughts on “The Negative Side to Reality Shows- How They Get Their High Ratings

  1. 80smetalman says:

    I’m glad that my children grew up before reality shows became a thing. I thought Power Rangers was bad enough for cheese but nothing like this and I don’t watch reality shows. Hopefully, these shows won’t be a thing when my two granddaughters are older. If so, I know my sons and daughters in law will put them right or not allow them to watch it. If it was me, I would constantly point out that the Queen Bees aren’t good people and their antics should be ignored.

  2. Alice says:

    It also creates entitlement as those influenced by these shows, do and expect the same rewards. Not to mention the impossible beauty standards.

  3. Simone E says:

    Great informative piece Cherie. And certainly a lesson which we all need to keep in mind. What our children are exposed to and that which these reality shows offer is definitely something that becomes a part of them and they subconsciously either approve of/ start imitating the behaviors.
    Very informative and a pleasurable read 😊

  4. Storyteller says:

    Never thought of it like that but I must say that comparing the original reality TV shows and comparing them with what we have today does show a significant focus on spin. All about thee drama of something. You see them there with their fake looks of outrage and wonder if anyone buys into it. I guess they do.


    I sat through one session last week. Folk who are addicted to the shows do need counseling. This stuff is amusing. So shallow. Yet the serious ramifications are emotionally demanding on the viewer. Reality shows should have a warning classification. Adults should have the freedom to be entertained. We were blessed with common sense to make good choices. Go and hug a tree 🍃

    • cheriewhite says:

      Great point. I believe that reality show addicts need counseling too. I also agree that there should be some kind of warning. I think that the reality shows are the new soap operas- I remember being addicted to Daytime Soaps like “All My Children” when I was a teenager. Only now, the soaps have been replaced with reality shows. It’s all the same really, both are addictive. But back then we knew it was only a TV show. I’m not so sure that people know the difference between these scripted and fake reality shows and actual, real world reality anymore. That’s concerning.

  6. royiii says:

    You are so right about those so called reality shows. The producers actively go out of there way to manipulate the contestants to cause conflict. They know it is a sure fire way to bump up the shows ratings. It’s a disgrace.

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