14 Forms of Bullying and Threatening Body Language Targets Need to be Aware of

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Eyes- That Creepy Piercing Glare. The eyebrows narrow and the eyes bore into you without blinking. The head does not move. The person stares you down as if they want to attack you. Bullies do this number to either challenge or intimidate their targets. Return the stare and the bully will likely go away.

Nose- The Nostril Flare. You’ve seen the nostrils of a bull flare when the animal is about to charge a matador. It’s the same with bullies. The nostrils flare to take in extra oxygen needed for a possible physical attack. When a bully does this, he’s hostile. When a person’s nostrils flare at you, look out! Because it is a sign the bully is about to physically attack you. Keep your eyes peeled and be prepared to defend yourself.

Jaw- The Jaw Clinch. The bully is gritting his teeth at the target and hiding it. When this happens, you’ll notice the jaws protruding. The bully either pulls this move to intimidate or in preparation for a fight. Again, this is a sign of a possible physical attack. Don’t ignore it. Stay vigilant.

Mouth – There are many expressions bullies use with their mouths. One of which is, The One-Sided Upper-Lip Raise. Coupled with a glare, people raise one side of their upper lip to convey contempt or disgust. Return the sentiment and the bully will likely move away. Thinned or Pursed Lips are a sign of hostility as are baring of the teeth or snarling. Again, return the expression but be prepared.

Chin- The Jutted Chin. The bully tilts the head back and juts his chin forward all for the purpose of looking down his nose at you. When the bully does this, he is either challenging you, trying to intimidate you, or he truly thinks he’s superior. Again, return the sentiment and the bully will back down.

Neck- The Exposed Neck. The bully will expose and lengthen the neck to challenge you. People do this to show that they aren’t afraid of the person in front of them and can hold their own if necessary. Bullies do it to make themselves appear taller and to intimidate anyone in their way. Again, reflect the gesture back to the bully and he’ll likely leave you alone.

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Shoulders- The Shoulder Throw. Bullies will often throw their shoulders back to convey confidence and power. If you want to appear confident, never slouch the shoulders, always stand up straight, tall, and with your shoulders back.

Chest- The Puffed-Out Chest. The bully’s chest puffs outward toward the target. The chest fills with extra air in preparation for a possible fight. Again, this is not only done to make the bully look bigger and to intimate his opponent but also a sign of a coming physical attack. Be aware.

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0 thoughts on “14 Forms of Bullying and Threatening Body Language Targets Need to be Aware of

  1. aparna12 says:

    It’s one of the most interesting and informative post on how to defend ourselves from the bullies. It’s a must read blog so that we could be better prepared to face our worst fears. Excellent post.

  2. Kym Gordon Moore says:

    Ewwww…sounds like you’re describing a monster Cherie! Oh wait, you are, you are describing a monsta’. 👹👿👺 All of that expressionism is just way too much work. Sounds like they are auditioning for a movie role! 🎞📽📺 SMH

  3. Gleaning The Scriptures says:

    Where did you get this information? It is likely that returning the gesture is helpful because a bully is a bully wherever they go and they need to find victims who will not fight back if they are going to live life without getting hurt themseves: putting themselves in harms way so much.

    • cheriewhite says:

      I’ve read many body language books over the years and they all pretty much say the same things. And you’re right. Bullies do.need victims who won’t fight back and they usually select the right people to victimize because they always watch amd study a potential victim before they select them. They test the waters and assess whether the potential victim.is the right candidate before they pick them.

      • Gleaning The Scriptures says:

        I live in Muskegon, MI. Here, the combination of the communities sociological structure and bad Policing has allowed dangerous gangs to live in certain areas of the town. A big rule in those gang territories is to not tell on people, or call the Police. I have been blessed with God’s protection. I have been known to call the Police for even the smallest of things. The result: criminals leave me alone. One time a gang started to try to take territory in an area I lived in outside of the bad area of town. I got beat up one day while on the phone calling the Police to get a man’s license plate who was dealing drugs in front of my window! Overtime, his gang got threatening because the Police did nothing. The gangs saw an opportunity and brought in very dangerous people to the area where I lived. I did not give up. I continued to pray, to stay in contact with the Police, my landlords, and continued to fight against them. The result: An entire neighborhood was not taken over by the gang, because one simple man, took action. The Police at first were not even helpful, but God gave me strength and wisdom and through me He overcame the situation. In reading this post, I see what He had me doing!

        • cheriewhite says:

          Omgoodness! This is awesome that God used you to clean up your neighborhood. I’m so sorry you got beat up and I understand how scary and painful that must have been. But I’m so glad you didn’t do like most Christians and stay silent- that you continued to.speak out until they left your neighborhood alone. Thank you for your uplifting comment! It really means a lot! 💖🕊

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