Secrets to Having Charisma

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It’s true that your reputation and how people talk about and think of you when you’re gone is perceived to be your most valuable worldly asset. It’s the sum total of the impression you make and first impressions are everything- they set the stage for your future in many areas.

With charisma, you’re more successful- you have more positive relationships with others, you make more money, you get more and faster promotions, get more sales, and win more negotiations and debates. You have more influence and you’re more persuasive with the people you meet. Now, who doesn’t love that!

Charisma means that you’re living in the moment with people. You’re focused on them, interested in them, like them more- and people have a natural desire to be liked. With charisma, you don’t care whether they like you, but you want to like them.

You can have all the good looks, all the fancy clothes, cars, and money but all that is nothing without that je ne sais quoi- that something that’s so much more powerful- that is, charisma!

Charisma is that alluring, magnetic quality that draws people in like bees to honey.

It’s true that some are just born with charisma. They have that coveted quality that goes way beyond having a pretty face or and banging body. These people have the ability to create rapport that mesmerizes people and makes them feel special. They have that super-power that makes others respond to them positively and instinctively.

Years ago, when I was being bullied so horrifically, people would tell me that you either have the ability to schmooze successfully, or you don’t- that you’re either born with charisma or you were just tough out of luck and had to make-do without it.

Thankfully, we now know that charisma and the ability to schmooze successfully can be taught, learned, and harnessed.

Charisma is an art, a craft, and you must perfect it. And you perfect it by practicing the charisma-skills you’ve learned on your family and closest friends, then work your way outward to the people you meet each day.

You must read, study, and be able to identify the behaviors charismatic people use. Here are the characteristics of charismatic people.

  1. Charismatic people enjoy giving others a positive experience.
  2. Charismatic people understand how to make people feel great about themselves. So, they make them feel special and important.

The benefits of being charismatic:

  1. You get listened to.
  2. You get extra chances.
  3. You get opportunities others don’t.
  4. You’re forgiven for things others are crucified for (bullies are very charismatic, but their charisma is fake.)
  5. You get filled in on secrets others don’t
  6. People make excuses for you, go out of their way for you, bend over backwards for you, and give you the benefit of a doubt.
  7. You sweep people off their feet- especially potential partners.

Here’s what charismatic people do:

  1. They seem to like you…a lot!
  2. They seem to value your opinions and beliefs
  3. They seem to give you all their attention and no one else. They have a way of making it feel like it’s only the two of you in a room even if the room is crowded.
  4. They make it seem as if you’re the most important person in the room.
  5. They make you feel like a million bucks.
  6. They make you feel great about yourself.

Understand that this kind of power is unlimited. So, nurture it, cultivate it, and exploit it! If you want to make your bullies look like the devils they are and give them the proverbial slap in the face by reaching imaginable heights, do everything you can to develop your charisma.

Becoming charismatic, persuasive, and admirable can be a good offense against bullies.

If you can create that awesome feeling in others anywhere and at any time, you have a gift that’s priceless and the social rewards are limitless. With charisma, you have the keys to the kingdom!

With knowledge comes empowerment!

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