As Much as We May Hate Politics, We Must Acknowledge that Bullying and Politics Go Hand in Hand

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Politics is a dirty word to a lot of people. Why? Because politics is dirty in and of itself. And though many of us may hate politics, we must acknowledge that it exists and that it’s everywhere!

I completely understand why the word itself leaves such a bad taste in your mouth. It does mine as well, because I’ve been a victim of it many times in my lifetime. Let’s been real, we’ve all been victims of it at some time or another.

However, we must realize that bullying and politics go hand in hand- always! There’s office politics in the workplace and school and student politics at school as well as local, state, national, and world politics. Again, politics is everywhere. And the longer we deny it, avoid it, or pretend it doesn’t exist, the longer we will continue to get steamrolled.

Hence the term, dirty politics.

Dirty politics is used to manipulate and restructure social hierarchies, and therefore, dis-empower targeted people and groups. Understand that dirty politics, in general, is about gaining power, nothing more.

But isn’t bullying also about dis-empowering targets and centralizing power only to a few in the in-group or the highest echelons of a social hierarchy in a school, workplace, community, and on up? Of course, it is.

Bullying and politics, or, more appropriately, dirty politics, are as ugly and nasty as they are close relatives.

Now do you see the connection between bullying and politics, particularly, dirty politics? I thought that you would. Understand that bullying is dirty politics!

I’ll leave you to think on this and if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to share them in the comments below and I’ll answer them as quickly and accurately as I can.

With knowledge comes empowerment!

0 thoughts on “As Much as We May Hate Politics, We Must Acknowledge that Bullying and Politics Go Hand in Hand

  1. Don Cobb says:

    Great article, Cherie! Unfortunately, you are correct – politics has bled over into every area of our lives and Dirty Politicians are trying to force their way into our CHILDREN’S lives now with this totally needless State Injection. I believe We the People can shove politics back where it belongs, in Washington DC. We let them hijack our TV sets so now they’re in our homes (not mine, but in too many all-too-trusting folks’ homes). It’s time for We the People to flex our muscles, neuter these dishonest power-hungry Narcissist politicians and INSIST on re-establishing the America we all LOVE, which has been stolen from us by these lunatic politicians. We can do ALL THINGS through Christ who strengthens us! 🇺🇸

    • cheriewhite says:

      Oooeee! You said a mouth full, Don! And you’re right! The excessive power grabs and overreach is so blatant and in our faces now! They’re not even trying to hide it anymore which umis scary because when you don’t fear being found out, you don’t fear consequences. And when you don’t fear consequences, you’ll do anything…and I mean ANYTHING!

  2. Sara Flower Kjeldsen says:

    This is very true. And sadly you see a lot of bullying going on between politicians at times. It can look more like a school yard fight than adults trying to run a country sometimes – depending on who’s running.

  3. legacy says:

    Their is a term called oiling! the private school equivalent, meant to test your strength against adversity,,,i always like the idea of killing them by their chosen directives, house masters, weighted with lights front! It could be deemed that bullying, aiming and malevolent speech that is not constructive or to prompt change should be set as a linguistics algorithm through our technological, phone and the internet to delete off those who are persistent in their aiming! Malevolent’ s is taken out in heaven and hell, new form of personality dissection!

  4. Relax Me Universe says:

    Im tired of politicians always wanting to regulate and take away rights. Its like we cant move forward.

    • cheriewhite says:

      I totally agree with you. 💯 Our money isn’t enough for them anymore. Now, they wish to control every aspect of our lives. But we don’t have to comply with rules that are insane. If the people don’t comply, they lose their power. What are they going to do, sanction all of us? Me thinks not.

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