Reaching Your Full Potential

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One of the greatest victories against bullies is reaching your full potential. Here are ways you can do it!

1. Don’t worry about what other people think. In life, there will be those who will try to tear you down, especially if they know you’re striving to reach a goal. But you don’t mind because they don’t matter. Don’t let them discourage you. No matter what they say, keep shooting for the stars. And don’t stop until you reach your dreams.

2. Weed out all the Negative Nancies and Debbie Downers. Yes! Get rid of all the gossips, whiners, complainers, bullies, and all the people who make you feel bad and suck the oxygen out of you. Surround yourself with positive and uplifting people- people who help you, not those who hinder you.

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3. Never be afraid to be alone. Trust me; you’d rather be by yourself than keep company with people who are negative and drain the lifeblood out of you. Negative people are exhausting, and you will need all your energy stores to reach your highest potential. And if you have a partner who doesn’t treat you right nor appreciates the value you bring to a relationship, then perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate the partnership, get clear on the kind of partner you want in your life and give this person their walking papers.

4. Don’t quit. Don’t give up when it seems like progress isn’t happening fast enough or when the going gets rough. Keep plugging at it! Because sometimes, things are their toughest just before you finally get your breakthrough.

5. Believe in yourself. To succeed at anything, you must believe in yourself. If you don’t, no one else will, and you won’t accomplish anything. Without faith in yourself and your abilities, you won’t have the morale to keep working toward your dreams. If you need to rest, then do so. But whatever you do, don’t quit!

You will have to do all of these before you ever find your confidence and reach peace and happiness. It won’t be easy but I promise. It’ll be worth it in the end!

0 thoughts on “Reaching Your Full Potential

  1. Kym Gordon Moore says:

    These are some excellent pointers Cherie! 👍🏽 Don’t allow self-doubt or doubt created by others to infect your full potential and God-given abilities. Those dream killers don’t deserve to be acknowledged or considered in the position of your potential. But we can thank them for elevating our ability to achieve our success because of their arrogance, nastiness and deception! Another good piece of advice girlfriend! 👏🏽 🥰 💖

  2. Dawn Pisturino says:

    One of the things I taught my daughter is that you have to learn how to be alone. This is something that most people can’t do, so they settle for someone abusive or lazy or someone who takes advantage of them. I hear this from other women all the time – “But I don’t want to be alone!” Yes, but is it worth all the stress and unhappiness? I personally have PTSD from a past abusive relationship. I’d much rather be alone than go through that again! I’m very happy with my cats and dog and current husband, but I don’t think I would get married again if something happened to my husband.

  3. Pajama Party 39 says:

    Great stuff. You are never going to be a successs if you leave it up to the opinions of others. We all need an inner circle of support and most of us have that but plenty of doubters and haters. We can’t let their view stop us. And you hit on a key one..relationships. Any partner who isn’t supportive most of the time will only hold one back. So many people stop trying and lose what would have been a success because of the negativity or jealousy of their partner.

    • cheriewhite says:

      Thank you so much! And you’re so right about everything you point out here. I’ve also found that jealous partners often hold the most influence over people if they aren’t careful! These are some great thoughts here! <3

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