Some People Aren’t Worth Your Time

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Some people don’t come into your life to help you, they come to hinder you.

Some don’t come into your life to love you, they come to use you.

To some people, you’re not a person. You’re an opportunity.

They don’t love you for you, they love you for what you can do for them, and what they can take from you.

Some people aren’t loyal to you. They’re loyal to the benefits that come with you.

That’s why they disappear, no matter how many times you’ve appeared for them.

They never offer assistance, no matter how many times you’ve assisted them.

Stop standing behind people who don’t stand behind you.

Stop breaking your back for people who don’t have yours.

Stop busting your butt for people who don’t watch yours.

Some people aren’t blessings, they’re lessons.

Realize that these people aren’t worth a nanosecond of your time, and you must drop them like a bad habit. Only then will you feel better about yourself and attract more genuine and authentic people- people who uplift you and who love you for simply being beautiful, wonderful, awesome you!

0 thoughts on “Some People Aren’t Worth Your Time

  1. Riya says:

    Nice! Pls tell also that how to stop remembering them or how to concentrate on our work rather than just dreaming about those people.

  2. Yernasia Quorelios says:

    💜 Great Post as Usual SupaSoulSis; it’s worth noting the saying ‘Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.” the point being that if We have an eye on our enemies They can’t blindside or ambush Us…so Thank YOU!!! for The Good Work; please Keep It Up, it’s a Pleasure to Share and Serve, Stay Strong and Serene


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