Even The Most Confident Have Their Moments

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A few years ago, a thought occurred to me that even the most confident people have moments and days when they don’t feel so confident. I most certainly have them. I know where my talents are, I know all of my good qualities and bad, and I know who I am and what I want. However, I also know my limitations- it pays to know those too because confidence doesn’t mean arrogance.

If I don’t like something, I take steps to change it, and if it cannot be changed, I find ways to embrace it.

For the past decade, I have felt peace I never before knew. Yet, there are still days when I don’t feel as confident as I should.

There are times when I feel a tad insecure and nervous. There are times when I feel my old shyness trying to creep back in. After all it’s only human.

Only I refuse to give in to it. I give myself psychological pep talks to make the insecurity go away, then face the fear head-on.

Everyone has those days. So, when this happens to you, don’t toil over it. Accept it as a part of being human, and when insecurity does rear its ugly head, either use your mind to lessen the feelings or make them go away.

Even if you are a happy and confident person, there will be days when things go wrong, and there’ll be days when you just aren’t feeling it.

So, I hope you remember that just because you are having a day when you don’t feel so good, it does not mean that you are not a strong, resilient, and confident person. It just means that you are human, and just like everyone else, you will have downtimes and bad times. Just keep the faith because those times never last.

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  1. Vinay Nagaraju says:

    Very true, it is dampening to have those moments and worse when we start punishing ourselves for it. One of the lessons I’ve learnt over time was to accept that I’ve taken on a new behavior and try to protect myself from hurting so that it can nurse me to get on track at the earliest opportunity

  2. marie910 says:

    It’s so true, you should never give up, even if you think you can’t go on. My mother always helped me with a saying: if you think it’s no longer possible, a little light will come from somewhere.

  3. Christine C Sponsler says:

    It is hard to watch people be bullied. When I was growing up, I was known to be a bully-basher. However, this simply made me another form of a bully. Now I have God showing me how to love people and share encouragement with them in hopes it will change their lives and give them His hope. Thank you for this great post. Blessings and honor, Christine

  4. Infinite Living says:

    Just one more step – is usually a good idea when we think we can’t. I have now come to associate my nervous phases as my growth phase and turn myself to the excitement of how much better I am going to feel on the other side of it.

    • cheriewhite says:

      That’s such a great way to think of it. You’re doing yourself a huge psychological service by re-framing it like you’re doing! Great job! Sending you lots of love and light! <3

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