Cancel Culture Only Breeds Cyber-Bullies Who Are Twice as Dangerous

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Cancel Culture is just the newest and a fancier name for cyber-bullying. People often say that it was intended for the purpose of shaming racists. And maybe it was intended that way. However, as the old saying goes, “the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.” And it’s definitely true when it comes to cancel culture.

What cancel culture does is give cyber-bullies a green light to bully anyone they deem unworthy of existing on this green earth. It only breeds cyber-bullies who are more dangerous. It even breeds cyber-criminals!

Many celebrities have been cancelled. However, they’re already rich and set for life. Stars already have a nest egg of tens of millions of dollars to fall back on, if they ever get canceled. Therefore, cancel culture won’t affect them like it would a normal, everyday person with a job, bills, and a family to feed.

Normal, everyday people are the ones who suffer the most when they are canceled. And they’re the ones cyber-bullies love to drag through the mud because, as mentioned, they don’t have much of a financial cushion to rest on. Therefore, cyber-bullies will come after them before they will those who are already set.

Why? Because they want their attacks to have the maximum negative effect, so they will most likely pick people who don’t have the wherewithal to protect themselves, their families, and their assets.

Cancel culture has only groomed cyber-bullies who are twice as dangerous as earlier cyber-bullies.

As if the incendiary comments, criticism, public shaming, threats of physical violence and death aren’t bad enough, cyber-bullies are more than willing to go to extreme lengths to destroy people’s lives. Nowadays, many cyber-bullies will dox their target. They will find out where the target works or goes to school, where the target lives, who the target’s friends and family are. These cyber-bullies are the most dangerous because they get the target’s information with plans to do evil things with it.

Many targets of cancel culture cyber-bullying have had people call their places of employment and gotten them fired. Cyber-bullies have gotten their targets kicked out of school, and even shown at the target’s houses, broke in, and beat their target within an inch of their lives. A few targets have even been murdered or driven to suicide.

Many cancel culture bullies have even gone after the target’s families and friends either when they couldn’t find the target, or after they were done with the target. This kind of cyber-bullying is especially terrifying because it puts people and their loved ones in grave danger!

It’s so sad that there are so many people nowadays with this much vileness and hate eating away at their souls. I’ve been on twitter and I’ve seen so much hate directed at a lot of innocent people- comments such as,

“You have such a punchable face,”

“People like you need to hurry up and die off,”

“I want to break into your house and rape your wife and daughter,”

“You don’t belong on our planet,”

And the worst comment I’ve ever seen, which was directed toward a CEO of a small company:

“We won’t stop at killing you, we’ll kill your family too and destroy your entire bloodline!”

I could actually feel the intense hatred in each comment as I read them. And the people that post this kind of stuff? You can tell that they’re in such a bad place- a horrible place! A place I never want to be in, and I kid you not, some of the vitriol on that platform will leave you speechless!

I’m no longer on Twitter. I deleted my account last year because it seemed that everywhere I looked, I saw a slush pile of hate. I didn’t have a lot of followers on Twitter, so I was just a little fish in a huge pond who nobody was interested in cyber-bullying. Lucky me- and I say it in all seriousness!

I’m so glad I got out of that cesspool when I did!

(Continued in Part 2…)

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  2. Cendrine Marrouat says:

    I enjoyed reading your post, Cherie!

    The real problem is the lack of self-censorship people exercise because they feel safe behind their screens.

    When we used to have to meet people, we behaved very differently; we were consciously or unconsciously scared of what they thought of us. Now, with social media and technology, the physical ties and connections are almost gone. Add four years of tyranny and forced isolation (aka pandemic) and you have a “beautiful” recipe for nasty and deleterious behaviors. I have seen more people complain about the world than actually trying to do something productive.

    You can train your brain to be negative or positive. It’s very easy. Many people don’t care about making the world a better place, they just feel lonely and want attention. Destroying lives is the least of their concern.

  3. Greg Dennison says:

    Even if cancel culture was created to shame racists, that doesn’t make it right. Shaming isn’t some noble behavior, even if the person being shamed is engaged in something horrific. There are better ways to change people’s toxic behavior than shaming.

    • cheriewhite says:

      I agree with you to a point. If the person is a pedophile, rapist or murderer, shame the crap out of them and plaster their face all over the internet to warn others. There are horrible evil people who engage in these practices who don’t deserve to be treated with dignity.

    • cheriewhite says:

      I can agree with the last part- “don’t fond your identity there (on computers).” However, in today’s world, it’s difficult not to spend some of your time on computers but I agree that we should spend time offline everyday.

      • dolphinwrite says:

        True. Obviously, I’m using the computer right now, and many need it for work. For me, it’s just a tool, something like a car, clamp, drill, or lawn mower. It serves a purpose.

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