Another Classic Bully-Move

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Another classic tactic of bullies is to tell the target how “everyone” was gossiping and saying mean things about him/her at school or work. They may also tell the target that this person doesn’t like them, or that person hates their guts.

But make no mistake. When bullies do this, they aren’t trying to warn you and they don’t have your safety and best interests at heart.

What the bullies are trying to do is break your confidence, make you insecure, and feel like you aren’t wanted and don’t belong. They pull this classic divide and conquer move to throw you off balance, destabilize you, and make you feel paranoid. Because if the bully can make you suspicious of the people around you, then you’ll eventually lose trust in people and your relationships will suffer.

And if your relationships suffer, so too will your performance, your ability to make good decisions and think clearly and rationally, which is exactly what the bullies are counting on.

Another thing to be aware of is if the person you’re with is talking to you about other people, you can be sure that they’re talking to other people about you.

So, if you have a person who has normally bullied you, then, all of a sudden wants to get buddy-buddy with you and begins telling you things like those mentioned in this piece, be cautious of them and if possible, avoid them.

The more you know…

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  1. winteroseca says:

    That’s definitely true. Sometimes, you don’t know someone is bullying you though when they talk about others. Also, there is a difference between someone confiding in you that they have this problem and a bully doing this

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