It’s Always Better to Keep Your Plans Secret!

This is for everyone, but especially if you’re a target of bullying. Many people trumpet their goals and dreams. They announce their plans without realizing what ramifications it can bring. And, if you’re a target of bullying, all the more reason why you should keep your plans, goals, and dreams to yourself. Because you have more of a reason to work quietly.

Understand that any time you let your objectives and agendas be known, you place yourself at risk of being sabotaged and of having your plans derailed by a bully who is just waiting, with bated breath, to destroy you.

You must realize that not everyone wants you to succeed. Why? Because your success would force them to reflect on their own person failures and shortcomings. And, if you’re a target of bullying, your bullies will be damned before they allow someone they see as inferior- you-  to reach success and overshadow them.

Bullies consider any success you enjoy as a personal affront. Any time you achieve a goal, you score a win, and when you score a win, you force your bullies into a place of lesser power.

Why, because it’s you who gets the recognition, praise, and glory- not your bullies and they know it! You force them into the shadows while you get to shine and be recognized for your accomplishments. This infuriates your bullies because they aren’t the ones in the spotlight!

Understand that the one thing bullies crave most is attention and adoration and when they find that you’re getting more of those things than they are, it’s Katie bar the door!

Naturally, they will launch all sorts of attacks against you, make all sorts of accusations, even bring up the mistakes of your past to drive you back in the shade. But see through it and stay above it. They only do it because their power has been threatened and when a bully is threatened with losing their power and being driven into obscurity, they reveal their true colors.

Therefore, you force them to expose themselves and their evil personalities. So, how do you handle this?

You handle it by simply staying above it- by not reacting to the bullies’ foolishness. You deal with their abuse by continuing to enjoy your wins and successes and letting them stew in their own juices. Put simpler, just let them talk. Let them launch all the personal attacks they desire as they seethe themselves into a ball of madness!

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Because when they act out and spew nonsense against you, they only dig their own graves.

But, again, in the meantime, work quietly and stealthily until you reach your goals and successes. The more quietly you work, the less interference you’ll have from bullies and a few other toxic life-suckers and the less roadblocks you will run into along the way. And once you reach your goals, then you can bask in it, and with it, give your bullies the surprise of their lives.

“Your journey is silent, but your destination will be loud.”

With knowledge comes empowerment!

I Used to Hate When People Disliked Me. Now, I Welcome It

Everyone has people who do not like them- you, me, everyone. It isn’t personal (or at least I no longer take it so). It doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong or defective about you. It’s only a part of life. Like is subjective, and not everyone meshes with everyone.

So, why do I welcome being disliked, you ask?

  1. It means I’m doing something right. And making the haters and people doing the disliking feel uncomfortable, insecure, and like fools.
  1. It only shows that I’m true to myself. You stay true to yourself by setting boundaries and not allowing others to invade them. You stand up for your beliefs, your convictions, and, most of all, yourself! You follow your dreams and goals and never let anyone distract you. When you do these things, it makes you a powerhouse. But! It also makes you enemies.

  1. It gives me just another reason to reach success. Who doesn’t love to make supporters proud and enemies jealous? I love seeing my loved ones’ faces light up, and my hater’s faces contort! I feel the love of my friends and get free comedy and entertainment from my enemies. Enemies can motivate you if you let them.

Most people are slaves to approval. They chase it like a starving dog chases a thick, juicy steak.

Once you stop caring what others think and looking for people to like you, you’ll no doubt make quite a few enemies, even bitter ones. But you’ll be amazed at how much freer you feel. Being yourself is the most important thing you can do and frees you from the constraints of society.

When you have people, who dislike or even hate you, you know you’re putting yourself first, and that’s what it’s all about. If you can’t take care of yourself, you won’t be able to properly take care of anyone else, even the ones you love, whenever they need you.

Sadly, it took getting older before I realized the value of having enemies.