Ways Bullies Tell Off on Themselves Without Realizing It

And you usually hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.

You may witness these types of scenarios:

One of your classmates may yell “Don’t you touch me! I’m not (target’s name)!” a female classmate may yell when a boy in your class attemptsto shove her.


“You don’t talk down to me, I ain’t (target’s name)!”, Another classmate may yell when another calls her a horrible name.

If you’re the unlucky person who’s the target, you will hear your name in these sentences.

Each of these statements is a tell-all that is too blatant, and yiu must immediately read through the lines when you hear it.

Surprisingly, no one else picked up on it, not even any of the teachers present when it happened to me . If only I were as fearless back then as I am today, I would’ve called that out…fast! The consequences be damned.

They were unwittingly and unknowingly admitting that I was everyone’s target.

All through school, there were several times they gave themselves away, and it was so obvious it was almost sickening.

“I want some of your bubble gum.”
“No! Get some from Cherie if she’s got some!”
“Uh-oh! She’s going in there to jump Cherie! Get her, (insert name of bully here), get her!”

I want you to understand the brazenness of bullies is shocking. They are so bold; they will either unwittingly or admittedly tell on themselves because they know that chances are, no one will hold them responsible or stand up for you if you are a target.

You must pay attention and recognize when your bullies call themselves out and when they do, don’t be afraid to jump on it and tell them a thing or two. It could be as simple as saying, “So, you admit to being a jerk?”, “Ha! You just proved yourself a liar!” Or, “Wow! You just told off on yourself, buddy!”

When you do, let them know that you aren’t afraid or stupid, that you caught it, and you’re not too timid to hit them back with it.

You must hit your bullies with their own BS or with their own book of rules and standards because it’s by far the most effective, as I found out later.