9 Ways to Get the Best of Your Bullies

When you really stop and think about it, bullies can crack you up sometimes, can’t they? Or at least they should.

Bullies try to get your attention by making a smart-alicky comment here, a backhanded compliment there. Many bullies will deliberately stand behind you in the checkout at the supermarket and sometimes a little too close. These are all attention-getting behaviors. I’ve certainly had this happen on occasion.

But the funny thing is that when you see the behavior for what it is and what’s it’s designed to do, you no longer care. And when you no longer care, the behavior ceases to be hurtful nor threatening. It becomes boring, then hilarious or it only makes you pity the poor things.


It must really suck to be a bully. All that expended effort to put on airs and all that hatred and vitriol they carry around and it only makes them look like the miserable pieces of garbage and not you. All that negative energy that usually only ends up coming back to bite them later- all that– and for what?

Just for attention? Just to be feared, admired, or adored by everyone? Just to look big and tough? Or to look cute? Just so they can feel superior or better about themselves?

Sure. The mean and hateful behaviors of bullies can hurt, no argument there. But after so long, there comes a point when you no longer give a crap. There comes a time when their behavior loses its potency and no longer has the intended effect it once did. As a result, the people who bully you only become less menacing, less threatening, and less of an issue until they become downright boring. Then, finally, they become irrelevant.

Any behavior repeated over and over again gets so worn out and overdone until it becomes as stale as a three-day-old pile of shit that has lost its stink.

Yet still the bullies continue the behaviors, making an arse of themselves. They push a little harder and a little harder to get your attention. Maybe they strategize and change tactics because what they’ve been doing just isn’t working anymore but still, it’s boring because, again, you just don’t care and, therefore, don’t react to it anymore.

You only walk away chuckling and leave the bullies standing there with their mouths hung open. Again, after so long doing the same old shenanigans, bullies eventually wear out their effectiveness and become a real yawn. They become so pathetic in your eyes, and you only laugh at them or shake your head in pity. There are two things bullies hate- being mocked and your refusal to submit or react to their childish taunts and threats.

With that said, here’s a quick list of 9 ways to get the best of your bullies.

  1. Keep being yourself.
  2. Keep taking care of yourself.
  3. Ignore and mock their insults, taunts, and worthless prattle.
  4. Focus on and take care of the ones you love.
  5. Create happy moments with the ones you love.
  6. Pursue your dreams and aspirations.
  7. Eat right and exercise- focus on your health.
  8. Get out and enjoy nature.
  9. Learn- read, write, and look for lessons that life can teach you.

When you focus on and do you, it frustrates and annoys bullies because you’re focusing on yourself and your goals and not them. Also, you are no longer being subjugated by your bullies, and that really tears them up inside.

And once things reach this point, they usually give up and go find another target because if something is no longer working, you either change tactics. And if nothing seems to work, you run out of fortitude and give up. And most bullies are cowards and have zero fortitude.

With knowledge comes empowerment.