Pay Close Attention to Others’ Energy

I’ll start with a personal story of experience. During the six years I spent on the receiving end of bullying, I would pick up on the energies of each person in school. Even a few teachers. They energy of most of my classmates and a few teachers was bad. However, being a teenager, I knew squat about psychic energy and vibrations.

Back then, no one ever talked about those things and there weren’t many books written on the subject. Not like there are today. You only heard and read about that gut feeling, or the sixth sense, which is, as most of us know, triggered by the energy or vibrations the people around us put out.

When I would pick up on the yucky energy my classmates exuded, I would mistake my gut feeling for being paranoid. That little voice inside my head would admonish me, telling me, “Aw, C’mon! You don’t know that person. At least give them a chance.”

Therefore, I would give into that voice. I would give the person or people a chance and sadly, I ended up paying dearly for it.

Never Doubt Your Instinct!

Self-doubt is a tricky animal. It convinces you to go against your God-given instincts. It compels you to ignore your innate gut feeling. Self-doubt is what talks you into ignoring the bad energy you feel when you’re around unsavory people. Consequently, you open the door and let into your life people who are evil and nefarious.

If you ignore these things long enough, you eventually become blind to the terrible vibes and energy bad people exude. ‘You see, the ability to pick up on vibrations and energy is like your muscles. It must be exercised to become stronger. In other words, if you don’t use it, you lose it!

Your God-given gut instincts are the last things that you want to atrophy. In this crazy, mixed-up world, you cannot afford for these things to weaken.

Therefore, you must trust your gut. Especially if you are a target of bullying. Never allow others to convince you that you’re “being paranoid.” Never listen when they tell you that you’re crazy for following your intuition.

If ever you pick up bad energy from the people around you, you must get away from those people, if possible. And don’t walk. Run!

Minding your Own Energy Output

Just the same, you should mind your own energy. Bullies are experts at picking up on other’s energy and they trust their instincts. In fact, they never even question them. Why do you think bullies are able to weed through large crowds and pick out potential targets with such accuracy?

For example, if you’re a self-conscious and nervous person with low self-esteem, you will put out those kinds of vibrations. Therefore, bullies will pick up on it and, make no mistake, they’ll milk it for all it’s worth! If nothing else, understand this- energy never lies! Vibrations never lie! You may be able to talk a good game and be a fine actor. But your energy will give you away every time!

That’s why it’s so important that you exude confident energy. This is not to say that you still won’t become a target of bullies. However, you will greatly lesson your chances of it. Know that we have more control over our energy than we realize.

So, how do we control our energy?

We control our emotions- our overall mood. But! How do we control our emotions and mood? Here are several ways:

    1. Listen to positive music- this means opting for upbeat dance music instead of emo rock. We should also listen to songs about dancing or about celebrating and having a good time. Never listen to songs about negative things, such as those about being cheated on by a lover, violence, or songs that bash women. Also, don’t listen to those about suicide or murder. Remember. You want to listen to songs that uplift your mood, not those that bring you down.
    2. Positive affirmations- remind yourself, every day, of your strengths and good qualities only. And do it loudly. Make positive “I am” statements.
    3. Watch a good comedy (no dark comedies). Watch one that is fun. Do this to make yourself laugh because laughter always drives away a crappy mood.
    4. Surround yourself with positive people who lift you up. That means staying away from bullies and abusers, people who complain, put you down, or bring you drama. Stay away from anyone who puts you in a foul mood.
    5. Exercise! It releases endorphins and makes you feel accomplished.

Focus on anything positive. It won’t be easy and may even feel unnatural at first. But keep it up and it will get easier with time. It will also begin to feel like second nature once you’ve practiced it long enough.

In closing, remember that energy never lies. Not only must we pay attention to the energy of the people around us and trust our instincts, but we must also make sure that we ourselves are putting out positive and confident energy.

With knowledge comes empowerment!