“Whatever!” A Comeback That’s Pure Gold


If you’re a target of bullying, would you like to know the perfect comeback to your bullies’ evil remarks? One that you can use in almost any verbal situation and one you can use for anything the bullies say to you?

One word- “whatever.”

A cool response of “whatever” is the best comeback of the ages! It’s short and sweet, and it’s the perfect blow-off to any bully.

Let’s face it, being blown-off with this magic word is a real pisser-offer to every bully because they’re looking for a big reaction from you and any time you (calmly) make this little response, it sends the message to the bully that you’re bored with anything they have to say- or better yet, that they bore you. Ouch!

Another reason this little beauty of a word infuriates bullies so much is that there’s no good comeback to counter it. It stops them dead in their tracks and leaves them looking nine kinds of stupid!

Bullies may verbally retaliate with a “whatever” of their own, but it will only make them look uninventive, childish, and even dumber. The trick is to draw first blood.

In other words, with this sweet little response, he who says it first automatically wins the day!

Let’s break it down some more, shall we?

1.If you’re a target of bullying, this little one-worder will make you look calm, cool, and collected while making your bullies look defeated.

2. As implied above, it takes the wind out of the bullies’ sails.

3. It infuriates them so much that it drives them crazy and renders them unable to think. Then your bullies only screw up and expose themselves for the losers they are.

4. Also, as mentioned earlier, it’s nearly impossible to counter.

So, put this in your little toolbox of comebacks because with it, you can’t go wrong! Just remember to say it calmly and coolly. Then watch your bullies’ reactions as they search and stumble to find a comeback without repeating you and looking utterly ridiculous.

I’m already snickering as I type this! And you will too once you use it and throw your bullies off balance!