Life’s Most Embarrassing Typos

I’m sure we’ve all accidentally posted typos that were downright embarrassing and once we read it after it was too late, we slapped our foreheads if if we’d “had a V8.”

Here’s my story:

While blogging recently, I replied to a thank you post from one of my readers, typing, or should I say, meaning to type,

“My pleasure, honey.” and sent the reply.

Feeling satisfied with what I’d typed (or what I’d thought I typed), I rose from my computer chair and went to the wash room long enough to load the washer with last weeks dirty clothes.

Once I started the wash, I came back to my computer. I looked on the screen and when I saw it, my mouth dropped and chin fell to the floor as I jumped with shock!

I had accidentally typed,

“My pleasure, horny.”

I could feel my cheeks sting and my face turn 10 shades of red. My mind screamed, “Oh, Lord! I did not!

My mind went into a panic as I wondered how many people had seen it in the time it took for me to get up, go load the wash, turn it on, and come back. This is language I don’t normally use. So, you can imagine how I was scrambling on my keyboard and typing feverishly to edit that reply!

Once the reply was corrected and saved, I could only breathe a sigh of relief. Now that it’s over, I can only laugh. I think it’s healthy to poke fun of yourself sometimes.

How many of you have accidentally made embarrassing typos like this? Feel free to comment below. Let’s make it fun!