Harmless Teasing. Playfulness, and Comedy: 2 Differences Between Harmless Teasing and Cruel Jokes

I’m all for harmless teasing,  playful banter, and comedy. Sadly, it’s something that seems to be dying out today.

Too many people get triggered anymore by anything. And bullies seem to be the very people who are easily triggered and are constantly looking for something to get offended over.

Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand getting offended or triggered over cruel jokes because cruel jokes can be harmful. However, there’s a difference between harmless teasing and cruel jokes.

Bad behavior bullying children cartoon characters composition with group of teenage girls laughing at their classmate vector illustration

Here are 2 differences to be aware of:

1. Cruel jokes poke fun of things the target is insecure about, such as their height, weight, nose and ear size, and other hot spots.

Harmless teasing stays away for the target’s hot spots.

2. Cruel jokes continue even after the target has expressed hurt and discomfort.

Harmless teasing immediately stops once the target has expressed hurt and discomfort.

Again, harmless teasing is harmless and done all in good fun. Cruel jokes, on the other hand, can be damaging to a person’s self-esteem and should be avoided.

With knowledge comes empowerment!