Why Many Young Bullies Today Desperately Want Socialism

Three words! Entitlement, jealousy, and resentment – of anyone they perceived as better off than they are.

Understand that the young people who promote Marxism, Socialism, and Communism in America- many of whom join groups like BLM, Antifa, BAMN, and The Red Guard are the same kids who were growing up when everyone was getting trophies for participation.

They never learned good sportsmanship because their feelings and pride were always shielded from disappointment with these participation trophies, and they never had to deal with any sense of failure.

But then something happened. These children grew up– and no longer had their equally entitled and overly protective parents to shield them from the realities of the real world! And, low and behold, the real world gave them a good sucker-punch, causing such a rude awaking that it shattered their fragile egos and sense of entitlement. Ouch!

Suddenly, they began to see that some people were just a little more fortunate than they were! That some people had more “stuff” than they did! That some people were much better off than they were!

“Oh, my God! What a bummer!”

“Oh, the unfairness of it all!”

“The injustice of it all!”

“How dare they have a life better than me!”

Those are the collective thoughts of these kids, and it doesn’t matter whether these “lucky” people worked their butts off for what they have. It doesn’t matter that many of these more fortunate people were once poor themselves but managed to pull themselves up by their bootstraps by starting businesses of their own.

No. None of that matters to these kids because many of them are thirty plus years old and still living in their parent’s basements, sadly. They feel as if life didn’t give them a fair shake, so they shouldn’t have to work for anything. They would rather have security than freedom.

The only thing that matters to people in these groups is that these lucky others have it, they want it, and if they can’t get it, nobody else should have it either. So, they want to make the world more equal. Because, “If I can’t have it, then, by George, I’ll make sure nobody else has a chance of achieving it!”

Thus, the idea of Socialist utopia began to sound like the perfect solution to their feelings of jealousy, failure, and inferiority.

Even sadder is the fact that some of these kids grew up with parents who thought it more comfortable to live on welfare and watch soap operas all day, rather than get a job or go to school to create better lives for their children.

And many of these parents who did go to school didn’t finish because, even though they received Federal Pell Grants, studying for hours a day was “too hard” when you had children. Therefore, they never taught these kids the harsh reality that nothing good ever comes easy!

And many of the parents who did go to work, only worked long enough to receive a couple of paychecks, then they would quit and go back to living on welfare. I saw this with my own eyes. These parents were my age. And the running theme was this:

“I was looking for a job when I found this one, and I’ll be looking for a job when I find the next one.”

Back in the nineties and the beginning of the first decade of the new millennium, jobs were plentiful. However, it was tough for employers to find good workers because nobody cared whether they got fired or laid off and didn’t see the incentive to keep going when the job grew hard and monotonous.


Meanwhile, their children were growing up, going to school. They had to watch other kids, whose parents did believe in the value of hard work. These kids watched them come to school wearing Tommy Hilfiger, Abercrombie and Fitch, and Filas, and secretly coveted their good lifestyles and hating them for having them. And it seems they never got over it.

And this is the product we get- a generation of spoiled, self-entitled young adults who scream for justice now. And their justice would be that everyone ends up equally poor.

Rather than everyone having the opportunity to pull themselves out of poverty and pursue a better life, which is what Capitalism and Fee Enterprise gives us, these kids would rather everyone be poor and oppressed under Socialism. Because God forbid, they see anyone other than themselves rise above it while they remain stuck in it!

But what they don’t realize is that with Socialism not only comes poverty, but oppression, lawlessness, sickness, famine, and death!

Remember that the only difference between Socialism and downright Communism is that people vote Socialism in. With Communism, people force it in by starting a revolution. Look up the Bolshevic Revolution that brought Communism to Russia.

Venezuela voted in Socialism in 1992. And they were a very prosperous nation then.

But it only took a decade for the country to plunge into the hell hole that it is today. Many people are trying to leave that country and come to the US for a better life. And if the US turns socialist, there will be nowhere else to go! The entire world will go dark! America will not be the utopia that these young and misinformed useful tools of the Left imagine.

In conclusion, my message to these kids, who haven’t lived in this world long enough to know the difference, is this:

Are you sure you know what you’re asking for? Are you willing to accept what comes with it?

“Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it!” And when you get it, you won’t like it! But by then it will be too late to turn back!