“You Can’t…”

Bullies say you’ll never prevail

They repeat that you’ll always fail

“You can’t do this, and you can’t have that”

Be careful or their words will lay you flat

They say, “Try as you might but it’s no use”

That no matter what you do, you’ll forever lose

That winning is something you’ll never do

That success is for anyone who isn’t you

Turn toward them and their words a deaf ear

Replace their words with words of cheer

Then you’ll surpass them by leaps and bounds

And drown out the yelps of those mangy hounds

You’ll leave them behind to drown in distress

As you climb and reach the pinnacle of success

The Poor Traveling Blues Man

Walking down a dirt road

With my guitar on my back

I’m leaving my abode

And never looking back

Headed down south

Feeling down in the mouth

I’ve got no car

I may not get far

But I’ve got two feet

And a world to beat

And I’ve got two thumbs

‘I’m singing for crumbs

Ain’t got a buck

‘Got to try my luck

In Memphis or New Orleans