Now, I know what I want

They can go ahead and taunt

I know who I am

I see through their sham

No one can define me

They belong behind me

I love me just the way I am

Their facade is just a scam

I don’t need their approval

Their words are only drivel

I’m just as good without it

And I’ll never again doubt it

The only approval I need

The only words I heed

Are God’s and my own

They can all go just go home

I’m not angry nor offended

Bullies aren’t getting the results they intended

To be mad and offended by their petty chatter

Would mean that their opinions would have to matter

I’m no longer held captive

Bullies aren’t so attractive

Their hasty judgements are only projections

Of their own diseases and afflictions

The key to freedom was always in my hand

So I drew a line in the sand

The day I turned that key

Was the beginning of freedom for me