Hi-Ho! Hi-Ho! It’s Back to Work I Go!

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Good morning, readers and fellow bloggers. On Jan 9, I started a new job. Which is the reason I haven’t posted many articles as of late, only quotes that had been per-scheduled in December.

So far, the job has been great and I enjoy it. I am getting out of the house and meeting new people, with the exception of the last few days due to the winter storm that hit my area, of course. Know that although I have been away and it takes longer for me to answer your comments, I’m still thinking of you and I will pop in from time to time to answer comments and replies.

God bless you. And pray for me as I embark on this new job.



36 thoughts on “Hi-Ho! Hi-Ho! It’s Back to Work I Go!

  1. euroktoo says:

    Hello Cherie!! How exciting! (I have been outta the loop- I had surgery 10 days ago and am just starting to get comfy with voice to text while my hand recovers.) I am certain I missed the post where you shared what you get to explore in this new position- but 🥂🍾 to you and your new place of employ! I too am leaving my school division and will be looking for a new location for next September. I am hoping for a welcoming, kind and supportive school environment where diversity is embraced for both students and staff! And just a wee dram of respect on the part of the administrators towards his/ her staff. Surely that cannot be too hard to find!! 🙄😉😜 Hope all is well! Congrats lovely lady and do enjoy it!! Kim

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