Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II C15-9

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Once the surface doors opened and they were lifted above the ground, the elevator stopped. Chris then shifted into drive, floored the gas, and peeled down the wide gravel road toward County Route 16. Atticus followed.

Chris looked through the rearview mirror.

“We’ve got to get away from that platform. The water pressure will blow it sky high and water will shoot into the air like a damn geyser!” He said as he sped toward the highway, slinging dirt and gravel.

As dawn began to break in the east, Popeye, Alvin, and the rest cheered when they saw the two vehicles come up through the ground in the distance and take off down the wide gravel road.

“They made it! Yeeeah!” Miles cheered as he jumped to his feet, then pumped one fist up and down. Alexandra jumped up, then leapt into Miles’ arms before he twirled her around and around. Popeye and Alvin gave each other high fives, then hugged each other as they cheered. Jo and Oliver hugged each other in the back.

They then jumped into the vehicle before Popeye cranked the ignition and backed away from the bushes. He then turned onto the gravel road and headed back to 16. Finally he turned onto the County Route and floored the gas, heading in the same direction the others had.

As they passed what they’d referred to as the Elysian Fields, a huge geyser of water shoot high into the air, blowing the platform over a hundred feet in the air.

“Damn!” Alvin shouted in amazement as he watched the huge fountain of water shoot into the air, then slowly lose its power.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the lake, four dark figures crawled out of a makeshift well, deep in the woods, then broke into a run, disappearing  into the night. Once they were clear, the well began to overflow with murky water. The water spilled over onto the ground for about twenty minutes, then subsided.

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