Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II C14

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Chapter 14

Another Secret Revealed

Grandma Bennett held Jane in her arms. She then let go. Atticus put his arm around Jane and led her over to the sofa.

“Have a seat, sweetie. And we need you to tell us everything. Okay?” Atticus gently told her.

Jane looked at Kim, then at Popeye.

“I know where they’re holding Olivia and Bruce, and the rest! And maybe Kennedy!” she cried, “And they’ve got Kelsey McGregor too! I saw her! I met her! She talked to me and told me who she was!”

Shannon gasped and rushed over to Jane before taking her by the shoulders.

“Is Kelsey, okay? Oh, please tell me they didn’t hurt her!” she pleaded as tears flooded her eyes.

Shannon Receives Welcome News

“I don’t know. I think she’s okay. She didn’t seem like she was hurt. She was just scared to death,” Jane anxiously told her. As Jane spoke, she shook like a leaf.

Chris knelt in front of her.

“Jane, this is Shannon Crooke McGregor- now Bledsoe.” Chris said.

“Oh, my God! The writer?” Jane asked, shocked.

Daniel and Miles knelt beside Chris. Chris placed his hand over Jane’s.

“Yes. I’m Chris Bledsoe and these are my brothers, Miles, and Daniel. This lady over here is Mile’s wife, Cindy. Now, listen, Jane. Do you know where these kids are and how we can get to them?”

Atticus, Popeye, and Malcolm knelt down as did Kim, getting level with Jane. Grandma Bennett sat on one side of Jane and Jesse, the other. Cindy sat on the arm of the sofa.

Jane looked at each of them.

Jane Speaks of Abuse at the Hands of the Lindsay’s

“After court, they put us in a holding cell. I didn’t know where they took Bruce and the rest. But aftervthe holding cell, they took me and my sisters to the Lindsay’s house. They were to be our foster family. They made me and Olivia do all the household chores- cooking, cleaning, mopping, sweeping, all the laundry. They even made us wash all the windows and scrub the baseboards with old toothbrushes. They worked the hell out of us- like slaves! We had to go without supper because Olivia accidently spilled bleach all over their clothes! She was so nervous she was shaking! She shook so bad she kept dropping and spilling stuff! Oh, God! They were horrible people! And Breanna and their other kid- their son, Mason is his name, I think!”

As Jane continued, she began to calm down.

More Secrets of Abuse

“They never missed a chance to needle and poke at Olivia and me. This past week has been hell living there! Then the other night, I was doing laundry and Mr. Grant Lindsay snuck up behind me and grabbed me. He put his hand over my mouth and started to fondle me. That’s when I used my training and fought him off! Then I grabbed Kennedy and me and Olivia got out of there. I ran deeper and deeper into the woods, and oh God! It was cold! I’d been in the woods for a while and ran into Bruce- he had escaped from the Crabtree’s. Me and my sisters stuck with him until the sheriff found us. They then took us to the courthouse, where more deputies had gathered with Andy, Brenda, and Roxie. They took us down to the basement, then through a trapdoor in the floor. I couldn’t believe it! They took us to some kind of underground room with tunnels everywhere! There are underground tunnels under the courthouse- under Thomasville, period!” Jane informed them.

“Underground tunnels?” Grandma Bennett cried.

The Number One Town Secret Revealed

“Yes!” Jane cried, “There’s also an underground road. They led us into one of the tunnels to the underground road. Then, they loaded us all into vans and drove until we came out of some kind of cave in the side of a huge bluff. It was dark, but I could tell that we were in the bottoms. Next, we were near a huge lake. The vans pulled on a steel platform in the ground. It was some kind of elevator. We were lowered underground again, and they drove us through another tunnel. I think it’s under the lake. When they stopped again, we were all put in underground jail cells. Then, the sheriff took me back out of my cell. He told me that someone wanted to ‘make my acquaintance.’ They drove me to a hotel just outside of town and the sheriff took me inside. I could hear someone showering in the bathroom. When the water was turned off and the door opened, there was Grant Lindsay…in a bathrobe! Dripping wet! I thought I was going to puke- the creepy way he looked at me! I thought my skin would crawl right off my bones! Then the sheriff pulled out his gun and aimed it at me while Grant Lindsay forcibly stripped me down to my underwear. Finally, the sheriff left us alone. That’s when I saw my chance to get out of the situation that I was in. So, I put that creep in a sleeper hold and he went out like a light. Then I went into the bathroom, jumped into my clothes, and crawled out the window! I got the hell out of there!”

The Bennetts and Bledsoes Learn about the Secret Tunnels

“Way to go, Jane!” Cindy cheered.

“You did so good, honey!” Grandma Bennett gushed.

“Such a brave girl!” Atticus shouted with pride.

“That was badass!” Popeye told her.

“Maybe that’s where they took Elizabeth when they had her,” Elsa said somberly.

Just then, Jane looked around suspiciously, then looked back at the people before her.

“Guys? Where’s my mom?” she asked.

Everyone exchanged uncomfortable glances and Jane noticed it right away.

“Okay! What happened to my mom?” She asked, her voice shaking.

“Your Mom is out trying to find you and your sisters. She left without us even knowing, Jane,” Daniel told her.

“What??? You mean she’s out there somewhere? She’s going to get nabbed by that creepy sheriff?” Jane cried.

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