Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II C14-2

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Back at the Lindsay residence, Brielle was now tied to a chair in their basement. Bound and gagged, the only thing she could do to fight back was to fight with her eyes. She looked up at Bobby and Misty with eyes that blazed with justified anger.

Sheriff Bobby reached down and tore the duct tape gag off Brielle’s mouth. The pain was such that Brielle thought for sure that he’d ripped her lips off along with the gag.

“Ow! You sadistic sonofabitch!” Brielle shouted, flinching in her chair. The binding zipties were taut around her wrists, preventing her from grabbing her mouth out of reflex.

Sheriff Bobby looked down at Brielle and sneered.

“I just want to let you know that there’ll be some charges coming.” He warned her.

“What kind of charges?” Brielle asked.

“Escape from legal custody is one of them. The rest, I don’t know yet.” Bobby answered.

Misty’s Revelation

“What do you mean you don’t know? What are you going to do, go back to your office and trump them up? Look, you either know what charges you’re going to file or there are no charges. You make me aware that I’ll be charged but don’t know all of what I’ll be changed with? Well, then the law must not exist. How much sense does that make?”

Just then, Misty knelt in front of Brielle, getting level with her. She then grabbed a hold of Brielle’s chin and jaws with one hand, squeezing the lower part of her face so hard that the grip contorted Brielle’s lips and forcing Brielle to look at her.

Years of Stalking and Spying

“I want to let you in on a little secret, Brielle. Something you never thought was happening all those years you were away in sunny California,” she sneered, “We’ve had our eyes on you all this time- all these years. Oh, yeah, even after you moved, we found out where you’d moved to, and we kept track of you. ‘You see, we believe in the old saying, ‘keep your friends close but your enemies closer.’ And, for the last 20 years, we’ve kept your ass reeeeal close, sweetheart. We knew when you got married, we knew when you had each of your kids, we know that you got your online college degree shortly before you separated from your husband. We also know where you got it from. Oh yeah, we knew all of it. Because, you see? Births? Marriages? Deaths? Graduations? All that’s public record, darlin’, and damn easy to…um…dig up. Hell, it was easy to find back when we graduated, only it’s gotten a lot easier to do since.” Misty sneered before letting go of Brielle’s face with a hard shove that threw her head backwards.

Brielle glared evilly at Misty.

Misty Unknowingly Reveals Much About Herself and the Thomasville Elites.

“So, you’ve spent all this time being so obsessed with me and what I was doing? How sick is that, Misty? Did you ever have a life?” Brielle said with sarcasm dripping from ever word.

“It’s not about having a life, Brielle. It’s about power. You see, Brielle, our god is the prince of the air. And he is not your god.”

“(Scoff) I’ll say! And I’m glad!” Brielle shot back.

Misty continued.

“Well, you shouldn’t be. ‘You see? Your God is a God of love. Of peace. Of mercy. But our god, he’s a god of power! Pure, raw power! Your God gives free will and freedom to choose. Our god is a god that demands and expects total obedience and absolute loyalty! He shows no mercy because mercy is for the weak and timid.”

“Then you underestimate the True Living God, Misty! You don’t know Him at all! And in return, He…doesn’t…know…you! And I sincerely hope you change your ways before it’s too late!” Brielle growled back.

Misty’s Satanic Connections

“I don’t think so, Brielle. Our god is a god of blood and sacrifice. And soon you will witness the full power of his might and the pain of his wrath against you and your spawn, sweetheart. And you will witness it through us!”

“You know, Misty! I don’t doubt that you serve the devil! And I’m certainly not surprised, because you are the devil- in human form,” Brielle said in a low, gravelly, and taunting voice.

Misty sneered at Brielle.

“You know what we’re going to do to you eventually, don’t you, Brielle?” she said plainly

“I have pretty good idea. But you won’t get away with it,” Brielle told her.

Misty’s Veiled Threat

“Oh, we won’t do it right away.  ‘You see, Brielle? We can’t just kill you right off the bat. No. That would be too obvious and would cause more trouble for us in the long run. So, we laid the groundwork years ago. We had to get rid of your support system first- make everybody hate your guts. We had to make you trash in the eyes of everyone else in this town. You see? Killing must be done delicately- carefully- slowly. It must be done subtly and step by step. There are channels you must go through- little bitty steps you have to take- gradually and in itty-bitty bites! You have to make it a slow kill. ‘You see? It’s like this. To prepare a good roast, you have to bake it on lower temperatures and get that slow burn. That’s what this is and has been. And now that you’ve lost everything and everyone- now, we can kill you and your sweet little daughters because nobody will give a damn. Therefore, they won’t care to even look for you because they won’t care less what happened to you. They’ll just be so glad you’re gone. So, why would they even investigate it? You’re just another missing person= another needle in a stack of needles!”

The Sinless

Misty got eye to eye with Brielle.

“In this county, we don’t have to follow any rules because we’re sinless! In other words, the rules don’t apply to us because we can do no wrong. Therefore, we’re untouchable. That’s why no one fucks with us! They knew better than to fuck with us in high school and they damn sure don’t fuck with us now! You see, Brielle? There are certain people in this town- in this county- that you just don’t fuck with! Certain people here can do whatever they want to you and anybody! And what are you going to do about it? Nothing! Not a damn thing! The only thing you’re going to do is keep your mouth shut and take it or we make it worse on you! And not only will we come for you, but we’ll also come for your family! We’ll come for your kids, your spouse, your parents, your whole fucking family!”

Bobby Gets a Call

“Oh, no! I haven’t lost everyone, dear heart. And speaking of my kids, where are they, Misty? I know they were brought here. But it’s awful quiet in this house so I can only assume that they’ve been taken somewhere else,” Brielle said in a stern voice.

“Let’s just say that they were taken to a very secret and secure location,” Misty said with a smirk on her face.

Suddenly, Sheriff Bobby’s cellphone rang, and he removed it from his beltloop case. He then looked at Brielle, shook his head, and put his index finger to his lips before answering.


Suddenly, Bobby’s eyes widened, and all the color seemed to drain from his face.

What!!! Okay! You hang out at the office until I get there! I’ve got some personal business to take care of, but I’ll be at the office as soon as I can get there!” he shouted before he hung up.

He then gave Misty a serious look.

“We’ve got big problems!” he told her, “Let’s haul this bitch on to jail!”

Suspicious Detour

Misty and Bobby untied Brielle from the chair but left her hands tied in the zip ties. They pulled her to a standing position, then took her upstairs, out of the basement.

Minutes later, Brielle sat zip tied in the back of the sheriff’s car as Bobby drove and Misty sat in the passenger seat.

“Ashton and Aaron will meet me at the station. You stay with Brielle,” The sheriff said.

Brielle cocked her head.

“What’s the hell?”

Suddenly, she noticed that they drove right passed the jail.

“Hey! I thought you were taking me to jail!” Brielle shouted from the back seat.

“Nah! We’re taking you to a special kind of jail. One where there are no visitors and that hardly no one knows about,” Bobby said giddily.

Misty only giggled maniacally.

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