Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II C13-3

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It was one of Jane dressed in only her bra and panties. Brielle screamed and covered her mouth as the others flinched.

“Oh, God! Cindy, we need to take Brielle upstairs!” Shannon said as Jo helped a sobbing Brielle to her feet and the women took her upstairs, followed by Grandma Bennett.

“I swear to the Good Lord on High! I’m gonna kill every last one of those perverted bastards, mark my fucking words!” Jesse thundered as tears ran down his face. Chris and Miles sat him down.

“I don’t blame you. I totally understand the righteous anger you must be feeling. But Jesse, we gotta keep our heads on straight right now. Okay?” Chris softly suggested, “These people are sex traffickers, and they’re dangerous.”

Brielle’s Worst Fears

“I worked for the CIA for many years and one thing I know is this. Child sex trafficking is widespread and its big business. There’s a hell of a lot of money in that shit and we’re messing with their golden goose. There are a lot of powerful people that are involved in it, corporate fat cats, celebrities, big name politicians- billionaires. If they even suspect that we’re onto them, they’ll kill us, all of us.” Daniel somberly said, “And we’re also going up against a local Luciferian Cult to boot? I don’t think we realize yet exactly who we’re up against.”

Grandma Bennett came back downstairs.

“There’s something I need to tell you,” she said.

Everyone looked Grandma and she continued.

A Mysterious Suicide

“A girl committed suicide just after the Thomasville Conspiracy. Her name was Elizabeth Wilkins. She shot herself in her bedroom and her mother found her. Elizabeth had just gotten out of the state Psychiatric Facility the week prior. Before that, she’d been taken from her mother and father because of vicious lies that their neighbors told about them. In reality, they were good parents and they’d taken Elizabeth out of the public schools because she was being bullied. The school board didn’t like it when they moved her to a new school in another district and they made things hard on them. They got Glover County CPS involved and CPS took Elizabeth and placed her in a foster home. In that, they forced her to re-enroll at Thomasville High. For two years, Elizabeth was moved from one foster home to another. Then she ran away and when the law found her at home with her parents, they sent Elizabeth to a juvenile facility and her parents to jail. Eventually her mother and father finally regained custody of her after hiring a Memphis lawyer and they sued Glover County for violation of civil rights in federal court. And they won. But it was still too late. Elizabeth wasn’t the same after she returned to her parents. After she killed herself, her mother found her diary and read it. She found that a few members of each of her foster families had sexually abused and raped her repeatedly. When the parents reported to the news outlets what had happened to their daughter, the law came after them. Even some henchmen showed up at their doorstep and threatened to kill them if they didn’t keep their mouths shut and leave it alone. The law looked high and low for that diary but never found it. The parents had left the diary with Elizabeth’s grandmother. The grandma is still alive, and I know her. I can go talk to her and get her to bring us the diary,” Grandma Bennett told them.

A Dead Girl’s Diary

“Good idea, Mrs. Bennett. If you could bring the grandmother to us and we could get a hold of that diary and take pictures of each page, we’ll have more evidence.” Chris said.

With that, Grandma nodded, grabbed her coat, and left.

“I remember that,” Popeye added, “And, from what my sources have told me, the Crabtree’s are still searching for that girl’s diary even today. It’s widely rumored that Glover County Child Protection Services is deeply involved in the child sex trade. If the Crabtree’s find that diary, they will destroy it. Because they and many of their friends are implicated in it.”

“Oh, Lord Jesus!” Atticus grunted in a low voice.

“Remember Gina and Terry Fox? Terry was the former mayor. They were involved in it too. Also, they both had parents who were members of the Weather Underground, the American Communist Party, and The Citizens of Anarchy back in the seventies. These are domestic terrorist groups who have a lot of political influence and they’re hell bent on destroying America. Gina and Terry developed Vita-Youth not only to make a lot of money, but also to destroy this country with it. And they almost did,” Malcolm added.

Gina and Terry Fox’s Connections to Domestic Terrorist Groups

“Those were the people who had Shannon’s kids,” Chris recalled aloud. He looked back at the computer screen.

In the photograph, Jane looked to be on her knees, on a bed, with her hands tied behind her back. Beside the bed, was a nightstand. On the nightstand was a pack of matches with indistinguishable words printed on it. Chris sat down beside Daniel and joined him in looking at the picture for any clues that might be in the background.

“Hold up, Daniel!” Chris said, putting his hand up, “Zoom in on the matches on the nightstand.”

Daniel did as he was told, zooming in on the matches four times and sharpening the images. They were then able to see the words clearly, “The Cozy Corner Hotel.”

“Let’s go!” Chris shouted, “Malcolm, Popeye, Miles, Atticus, and Jesse, grab your guns and come along!” The chosen men did as they were instructed, grabbing their guns, holsters, and smartphones.

“Daniel, you, Alvin and Oliver stay here with the women. Also, Daniel, the hotel is bound to have a security system run by computer. Find it, sent it a virus, and disable it. Then let me know when you’ve done that. And, if anything comes up, shoot me or Atticus a text!” Chris ordered before they left in a hurry.

Alexandra grabbed her hooded jacket and put it on.

Springing into Action

“I’m going to go into town. ‘Sit in some of the restaurants and see if I can’t pick up some crosstalk. Or maybe hit a few of the dives around here and see if some sloppy drunk accidentally lets a few things slip out. Someone in town is bound to have a big mouth and I just might get lucky,” she told them. Atticus looked up after holstering his Glock nine-millimeter.

“I got a car hidden in my barn under some tarps. It’s a 2020 Chevy Impala. It’s unlocked and the keys are under the floormat on the driver’s side. You’re welcome to it,” Atticus said, “The windows are tinted and few people know I even own that car. They’re so used to seeing me in the Denali.”

He then looked at Jo.

“Jo, go with her. She may need you to be a tour guide.”

Jo grabbed her snub-nosed thirty-eight and stuffed it in her shoulder holster under her jacket.

“I’m out,”

“Thanks, Atticus!” Alexandra said, “We should be back in a few hours.”

And Jo and Alexandra left out the back door.

Glover County CPS- A Front for a Child-Trafficking Ring

Sadly, they had discovered that Glover County CPS had indeed become one big child sex trafficking ring- selling innocent children to the highest bidder. Most people had already known that Glover County was crooked and corrupt, but few knew how deep this river of shit ran. From the Sheriff’s department, all the way down to animal control, the corruption ran thick.

“Jesus!” Malcolm cried as they sped in Atticus’s SUV toward the hotel, “They might as well put razor-wire around this whole damn county!”

“What you just said!” Chris agreed.

“Amen, brotha!” Popeye seconded.

When they pulled into the hotel parking lot of The Cozy Corner, Chris’ phone vibrated in his pocket, emitting a short but loud buzz. Chris jerked his phone out of his pocket and checked it. It was Daniel.

“The security system is down, it’s safe to go in!”

“It’s a GO! The hotel security system is down!” he told the rest of the men.

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