Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II C13-2

When Atticus arrived with the Bledsoe’s, Grandma Bennett and Jesse had also arrived. Atticus and Jo took their luggage upstairs and put them all up in the upstairs bedrooms. Chris and Shannon would sleep in one, Miles and Cindy in the second upstairs bedroom, Daniel in the third, and Alexandra, in the fourth. The fifth was Jo’s room and Atticus would sleep downstairs. Luckily, each bedroom in the house had its own bathroom.

Once they all got settled in and gathered back in the living room, Atticus spoke.

“You all wait here with Jo while I go get Brielle. We’ve got her hid in a secret underground bunker on the property.

Fifteen minutes later, Atticus returned with Brielle.

“I’ve never been so glad to see some people in my life!” Brielle cried as she burst into tears.

Grandma Bennett hugged her, then Jesse. Finally, Shannon, Cindy, and Alexandra each give her a long hug.

Atticus and Malcolm Make it Back to Atticus’s House with the Bledsoes

“My children! They’ve taken them and I have no idea where they are! If anything happens to them…oh my God!” Brielle sobbed, “I can’t wait any longer! We’ve got to find them! The longer we wait-“

Shannon put her arm around her.

“I completely understand, sweetie! I’ve been there! There’s nothing worse than having your kids taken and not knowing where they are and if they’re safe. But we’ve got to handle this very delicately,” she gently and lovingly told her, “My Kelsey is missing too. She might be here. But as much as I want to just run out and search for her, I know it’s not a good idea right now.”

Cindy placed a hand on Brielle’s shoulder.

“We will find your kids, honey. And you will see them again!” she assured Brielle.

Chris looked at Atticus.

“Who did you say the sheriff was?” he asked.

“Bobby Crabtree,” Atticus answered, “And the guy’s a weasel!”

Shannon’s eyes widened.

“Crabtree? Oh, that’s just lovely! What happened to Crawford?” she asked.

The Lowdown on the Late Sheriff Crawford

“He’s dead. The narrative around here is that he was on a hunting trip with Bobby Crabtree, who was deputy sheriff at the time. He was shot accidentally by another hunter in the woods- mistaken for a deer. But most of us know that Bobby had something to do with it, only we can’t prove it. Because, after Crawford died, Bobby slid right into his spot and then bad things started happening again.” Malcolm explained, “crime went up, drugs, crimes started going unsolved, and innocent people started being terrorized. Just like before.”

“No doubt he’s probably kin to Johnny somehow,” Chris mentioned.

“His younger brother, and he’s just as ruthless as Johnny,” Grandma Bennett told them.

“He’s also a little wuss! He’s got all these flying monkeys around to protect him as he hides behind that damn sheriff’s badge,” Jesse added, “I’m just waiting for my time to beat the breaks off that little tulip!”

“Well, you just might get your chance,” Daniel told him as he sat down, opened his laptop case, and took out his laptop. He sat down on the sofa, placed the laptop in his lap, and began typing quickly.

“We found some evidence online that the sheriff might be heavily into pedophilia. We found nude pics of young boys and girls- minors, when we hacked into Bobby Crabtree’s computer last night. We also think that Glover County CPS is involved. They take children and then put them in foster homes where they know there are pedos living. Also, there’s a Satanic cult here and a few people and several pets have come up missing,” Malcolm continued.

The Bledsoe’s Find that it’s Worse then What They Thought.

“What? A Satanic Cult? Child sex-trafficking?” Miles shouted in surprise.

“Oh, my God! You’ve got to be kidding!” Cindy said, stricken with horror.

“Yep. Shannon, when you uncovered what you did in this county six year ago, you only scratched the surface. The evil runs much deeper. And the rabbit holes we’re about to discover may lead to things none of us can even imagine!” Atticus told them.

“Well, back when I was growing up here, I had heard that this County had a Satanic or Luciferian Cult. But I always thought that all of it was only a bunch of wild rumors,” Shannon recalled.

“Unfortunately, the rumors are true, Shannon,” Grandma Bennett told her.

When Atticus’s phone rang again, he looked at the screen, then up at Shannon and Brielle.

“It’s Popeye Suggs. He’s good people. His brother was Willie Suggs, he and another friend of ours, Alvin, know a lot about what’s happening in this town.” Atticus told them all before answering the phone.

“Hello, Popeye,” Atticus said before pausing.

“Okay, I’ll see you all when you get here,” Atticus said before hanging up.

“Popeye and Alvin are on their way here now. Alvin’s brother Oliver is also coming. Kim is also on her way.” He told them.

Okay, I need to know who the evil people are in this town so that I can look them up on here and hack them,” Daniel said.

Old Rumors that Prove to be True

“Well, there’s Bobby Crabtree and his wife, Rita Winchester Crabtree. And they have two daughters Audrey and Giles. They also have a nephew, named Stephen, who they’ve raised since his father, Johnny went to prison. There’s Grant and Misty Lindsay, their daughter Breanna. Then there’s Ashton Childers, Aaron Hughes…”

Once Brielle named all the bullies in town, Daniel created a list with their names on it. He then went to work, looking up their social media accounts and emails, while taking notes in a notebook.

Atticus went upstairs. After about five minutes, he came back downstairs with a police scanner, set it up, and turned it on.

“This scanner will tell us where the cops are and what they’re doing. If they head this way, we’ll know it,” he said.

Suddenly, his phone vibrated. Atticus checked his text messages, then looked at the rest of the people in the living room.

“Popeye just texted. They’re here,” he announced.

Atticus opened the door and let the three African American men inside the house.

“What’s up, Atticus?” Alvin greeted as he shook Atticus’s hand.

Daniel looked up from his laptop.

Daniel Digs Up Imformation

“I just found the sheriff’s cell number and looked up the IP address of his phone. I installed spyware. And it should spread to the cells of the people he cohorts with. Once that’s completed, I’ll be able to eavesdrop on their calls, see their internet habits, and pin their locations.” He assured.

“Good deal!” Miles said excitedly.

Another knock at the door sounded.

Atticus opened the door and let Kim inside. Kim immediately embraced Brielle.

“I’m so glad you’re safe! I was so worried about you!” she cried. She then looked at everyone else in the room.

“Have they found any traces of Raina yet?” she asked.

“I’m afraid not Kim,” Atticus answered somberly.

Kim’s eyes welled up with tears.

Raina Still Missing

“Who’s Raina?” Daniel asked.

“Raina Carrier is Kim’s sister and Brielle’s best friend. She’s gone missing. Been missing for several days now,” Atticus told them.

Brielle sat beside Daniel to look at his screen and watch him work. The rest also crowded around Daniel to have a look at his computer screen. Daniel hacked into the computers of a few more of Brielle’s former bullies’ computers and discovered that they too were pedophiles. He continued to type feverishly, digging deeper and deeper into the Dark Web.

Just then, another picture surfaced.

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