Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II C12-3

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An hour later, Jane was escorted into a motel on the outskirts of town. When the sheriff brought her into the room, she could hear sounds coming from the closed bathroom door. The sounds of water running in the shower.

When the sounds suddenly stopped, the sheriff looked at her.

“Now, you be a good girl and wait here,” he said.

Five minutes passed before Grant came out of the shower with wet, freshly washed hair and wearing only a bathrobe. Jane’s eyes widened and she recoiled as he slowly approached her with a creepy grin on his face.

Bobby Takes Jane to a Motel and a Waiting Grant Lindsay

Back at Grandma Bennett’s house, Malcolm continued to type feverishly on the computer as Brielle, Popeye, Atticus, and Grandma leaned over his shoulder to look at the screen.

Atticus looked at Grandma.

“You might want to hide Brielle. Because the sheriff probably already knows you’re gone and this will be one of the first places they look for her,” he suggested.

“No, I want to be here when Malcolm gets into the sheriff’s computer. I’m dying to see what he’s got in his files and where he surfs on the internet!” Brielle said.

“Yep! You can find out a lot about a person by digging into their computer and their surfing habits. That’s for damn sure,” Malcolm agreed.

“Oh, God! Please, Malcolm, hurry up and hack this bastard!” Grandma Bennett pleaded.

“I’m trying the best I can, Grandma.”

Malcolm Hacks into the Sheriff’s Home Computer

After thirty more minutes of typing feverishly, Malcolm’s eyes widened.

“I’m in!” Malcolm shouted cheerfully, “I’ve got his IP address and I just installed a keylogger to get his passwords and usernames,” Malcolm assured, “We’ll have to wait on that but I’ve got access to his files.”

He began to snoop through the sheriff’s files and folders. It took several hours for Malcolm to snoop through even a fraction of the sheriff’s private files. But once he came to a zip folder that was entitled, “Juvenile Delinquents,” Malcolm’s curiosity peaked.

However, when he unzipped the folder and decrypted the contents within it, they found something both shocking and horrifying.

“What the hell!” Atticus shouted.

A Terrifying Discovery 

“Holy shit!” Popeye yelled.

“Oh, Lord Jesus!” Brielle and Grandma Bennett both shrieked while Jo gasped, slowly raising a hand to her mouth and covering it.

“Oh, Lord! I knew the corruption ran deep but I never knew that it was anything even close to this!” Grandma Bennett said.

They discovered hidden files of dirty pictures. They were photos of naked young boys and girls no older than Olivia, with hairless privates and looks of horror and humiliation on their faces.

Brielle turnedher head and looked away. She began crying, “Oh, God! I can’t stomach this!”

She turned her back to the computer, put her face in her hands, and wept. Grandma Bennett and Jo consoled Brielle as Malcolm inserted a flash drive and downloaded the evidence onto it.

The pieces of this terrible puzzle were slowly coming together but something in Malcolm’s gut and everyone else’s told them that he had still only scratched the surface.

Unspeakable Photos!

Was this the reason CPS was wrongfully taking kids from good families? Kidnapping them, but using the legal system to do it? Accusing great parents of being unfit?

“We’ve got to get this to the proper authorities!” Malcolm said in an urgent tone.

“Proper authorities? Around here? There are none in this damned county!” said Atticus.

“You got that right!” Popeye agreed.

Suddenly, everyone looked around to see that Brielle was no longer in the room.

“Brielle?” Malcolm called out before they heard noises coming from the extra bedroom down the hall.

When they entered the room where the noises came from, they found that the large gun cabinet was open and Brielle sitting on the foot of the queen sized bed, loading a shotgun.

“I’m going to get my kids!” She swore furiously, “If Bobby’s a pedophile than you can bet that the rest of his cohorts are too! And if any of those perverts lays a hand on my kids, I swear on everything that’s holy, I’ll blow their damn heads off!”

Secrets of the Glover County CPS

“Brielle, no! Not like this, honey!” Grandma Bennett pleaded.

“Brielle, give me the gun, sweetie,” Malcolm gently advised, “Believe me, I don’t blame you for the way you feel. I don’t blame you for wanting to kill those creeps. But this is not the way to handle it. Okay?”

“Brielle listen, these people have a lot of power in this town. And if you go about it like you’re going to, they could turn everything around on you and send you straight to prison! Honey, it won’t do these kids a bit of good if you’re rotting in prison for murder. It’ll only make things worse for them!” Atticus cried.

Brielle sat there for a moment, then slowly handed the gun to Malcolm before breaking down into gut wrenching sobs.

“We gotta go get my kids! Please! We gotta get them back!”

“We will, Brielle. I promise you. One way or another, we will get those girls back,” Jo assured as she threw her arms around Brielle.

Brielle’s Horror 

After they got Brielle calmed down, Brielle lay down on Grandma Bennett’s bed and cried herself to asleep while Malcolm continued to snoop on the computer.

He dug deeper and found other photos as well, photos of naked and scantily clad minor girls with their ages, body stats, and prices quoted at the bottom of the photographs. He also went through the sheriff’s browsing history and found the website of Glover County Satanic Order.

“I think we just stumbled upon a local Satanic cult and a possible child sex-trafficking ring! Holy Jesus!” Malcolm said in a voice of terror.”

“I knew there was some hardcore Satanic evil in this town! I just knew it! People said it was all rumors, but my gut always told me that it was true, only no one could prove it,” Grandma Bennett said.

Back at the seedy motel, Bobby stood back, pointing his gun at Jane and daring her to make a move as Grant stripped her down to her underwear, then took silk scarves and tied her hands behind her back. The crooked sheriff then took a picture of Jane, grinning evilly.

A Sex Trafficking Ring

“Well, little lady, a good-looking thing like you is bound to have droves of suitors wanting to make her acquaintance,” he sneered creepily before leaving with the camera.

Once the sheriff was gone, Grant leered at Jane.

“Looks like it’s just you and me now, kid. Have seat and let’s get to know each other, shall we?” Grant said in a low, seductive voice that make Jane feel sick to her stomach. She didn’t say a word, only looked at Grant with disgust.

After Jane slowly sat down, she began sneakily working to free herself from the scarves that bound her hands behind her back. As she began twisting and turning her hands every which way and pulling at her binds, she pulled and loosened the scarves around her wrists, allowing her hands freer movement. She watched Grant closely as he stood over the small counter in the hotel and pulled a bottle of red wine out of a bucket of ice.

Grant Tries to Take Advantage of Jane

Her fingers continued to work frantically as Jane was now able to move one hand upward and snag the knots and loops of the tied scarf with them. Her meticulous fingers pulled at the scarves and managed to loosen them more around her wrists.

As Grant was now pouring red wine into two long-stemmed wine glasses, Jane suddenly freed herself and seductively walked up on him from behind.

“Hey, big boy!” She called out seductively as she put her arms around his neck and rubbed her hands up his back and over his shoulders, successfully winning his trust.

“Oooh, I like a young thing who’s willing! And that’s sexy!” Grant said in a gruff, seductive voice.

Then suddenly, in one split-second move, before Grant had time to move or even utter a word Jane tightened her grip around his neck, putting him in a sleeper hold, rendering him unconscious, then gently lowering him to the floor.

Jane Escapes her Would-be Rapist

She then grabbed her clothes and quietly rushed into the bathroom, closed the door, and turned the shower on full blast. As the shower ran, Jane jumped into her clothes, then opened the window over the toilet. Next, she took a long piece of toilet paper from the roll and used it to let the toilet seat down before discarding it and climbing up to stand on it. Finally, she crawled out through the widow and bolted away, disappearing into the night.

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