Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II C12-2

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Each of the kids were shoved into the empty cells, one kid per cell. A female CPS worker then took a hold of the baby, but Jane wouldn’t let her go.

“No! You’re not taking my baby sister! She belongs with me where she’ll be safe!” Jane shouted.

“Your baby sister doesn’t belong down here! Don’t you worry about this baby, nobody’s going to hurt her!” the female CPS worker told her.

“I don’t trust you!” Jane told her.

“I don’t believe I care. Now, unhand that baby before you get into trouble!”

“Go fuck yourself!”

Baby Kennedy Snatched out of Her Sister’s Arms

Suddenly, the sheriff backhanded Jane across the face, causing her to spin around and fall to the floor, holding the baby tightly so that she wouldn’t be hurt from the fall. Kennedy began shrieking. Olivia screamed at the lawmen.

“You leave my sisters alone!”

“Hey! What the hell is wrong with you, man! She’s just a fifteen-year-old girl, you bunch of milk toast pussies!” Bruce yelled as a deputy shoved him into a cell backwards and slammed the door.

The sheriff turned and drew his hand back at Olivia as the CPS worker and Ashton pried the baby from her, then drug Jane into her cell and slammed it shut.

“Do you want one across the mouth too, little girl?” Bobby threatened before Olivia clammed up and stood there, giving him a hateful look. He then shoved Olivia into her cell and locked the door before he and the other officials walked down the corridor and disappeared through the doors at the end.

When they closed the doors behind them, the sound of it was loud and a long echo followed.

Jane Meets a Very Important Stranger

As Jane stood in her locked cell with her hands gripping the bars, she noticed the strange blonde girl in the cell across from her.

The girl’s long hair was disheveled and hung in stingy strands down both sides of her chest. Her face was covered with horror as she sat in the cell and shook with fright. Jane noticed that the girl was wearing a uniform, maybe that of a waitress.

The girl then noticed Jane and ran up to the bars of her cell. She and Jane locked eyes from across the corridor from each other.

“Psst! Do you know where I am?” the girl asked in a pleading voice.

“Somewhere in Tennessee,” Jane answered, “Near Thomasville.”

“Oh, God! I knew it! They took me from Arizona and brought me all the way here! Clear across the country!” the girl said as she sobbed.

“Wait a minute! What’s your name?” Jane asked the girl.

“Kelsey Kaye McGregor,” the girl answered,

“The missing girl from Arizona! She’s been all over the news!” Bruce cried.

“Oh, God! What are they gonna do to us?” Kelsey sobbed.

“I don’t know, Kelsey. I just don’t know,” Jane answered with a shaky voice and she began to cry.

Scared Witless 

Although their voices were low, they still echoed throughout the cellblock.

Jane could hear her younger sister crying in the cell next to Kelsey.

“Don’t worry, Olivia,” Jane sobbed, “It’s going to be alright!”

Kelsey looked at Jane.

“There’s another girl in one of these cells. She’s got long dark hair, I think her name is Manda, Nanda, something like that,” Kelsey told her.

“Nanda Abernathy?” Jane cried.

“I think she’s asleep. Or she’s just not saying anything. She seems to be the quiet type,” Kelsey said.

Suddenly, they heard the distant clang of a steel door open and shut down the corridor. Next, they heard the jingling of keys and sounds of approaching footsteps echoing through the corridor, getting louder and louder with each step until Sheriff Bobby and Deputy Ashton arrived and stood in front of Jane’s cell, looking at her with evil eyes.

Missing Nanda Abernathy is Discovered

“Well, sweet Jane. It looks like your mother has escaped jail. You wouldn’t happen to know where she could’ve gone, do you,” Bobby said with an evil grin.

“If I did, I sure as hell wouldn’t tell you!” Jane bitterly shot back.

Bobby looked at Ashton.

“Open her cell,” he directed.

Ashton did as he was told and both he and the sheriff reached in, grabbed Jane, and pulled her out. Jane pulled away from them, but they grabbed her again.

“Well, in that case, we’ve got somebody special who is just itching to make your acquaintance!” Bobby sneered as they all but drug Jane down the corridor.

Olivia jumped up and screamed.

“Where are you taking my sister! Let her go!” she screamed to the top of her lungs, “You sick bastards!”

The Crooks Come Back for Jane

“What the fuck, man!” Bruce yelled as he shook the bars of his cell with both hands.

Olivia began beating her fists against the bars and continued to scream.

“You piece of shit! You’ll never in this lifetime get away with this! Never!”

“I swear to God and Sonny Jesus! You hurt Jane and I’ll kill you! Do you hear me! I…will kill you!” Bruce declared in a thunderous voice as the deputies disappeared through the set of doors with Jane.

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