Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II C11-10

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Suddenly, Bobbie Jo came into the entertainment area and began talking trash about Brielle to other people in the room, but loud enough for Brielle to get an earshot. Bobbie Jo had done this before at the schools any time Brielle had had to go there for a parent-teacher’s meeting- she and the same group of parents would see her walk by ,then there she would go. And it was clear that she had done it only to provoke Brielle. She had provoked her either at the school or on the street for the past six months and Brielle was tired of ignoring it.

It was plain to see that Bobbie Jo was only taking Brielle’s blow offs for being scared of her when, in reality, Brielle was a lady and had enough class and respect for herself not to fight in public.

As Malcolm and Brielle danced, holding each other tight, Bobbie Jo stood there behind the railing that surrounded the dance floor. Her eyes impaled Brielle as Malcolm whisked her all over the dancefloor. But if she wanted a fight so badly, Brielle would give her one because the bullies had already put her through so much. Now, Brielle was fed up with everybody’s guff and Bobbie Jo happened to catch her at the wrong time.

Bobbie Jo Provokes Brielle

When the song ended and she and Malcolm finally sat back down, Bobbie Jo was still talking. Unable to take any more, Brielle finally spoke up.

“Hey, Bobbie Jo!” Brielle called, raising her voice, “I’m over here! Be a real woman and come say that shit to me!”

Bobbie Jo approached the table and stood over the table where Brielle and her friends sat.

“You’re a goddam barfly! And that’s the first man I’ve ever seen you with since you got here, bitch!” Bobbie Jo shouted belligerently.

“Really, bitch? I’m not the one who gives blow jobs in exchange for a lousy pack of cigarettes!” Brielle shot back.

“You’re a fucking bar whore!” Bobbie Jo continued ranting.

Suddenly, Brielle jumped up from her chair and came around the table after Bobbie Jo. Bobbie Jo turned and ran toward the bar as Brielle gave chase. Brielle drew back her fist, only to graze Bobbie Jo’s jaw as she tried to hide behind the men who sat at the bar. A tall man jumped up and got nose to nose with Brielle, blocking her from getting to Bobbie Jo.

Brielle gets Fed Up

“You get the fuck out of here, you bitch!” The tall man yelled in Brielle’s face.

Malcolm, Duane, and Atticus jumped up from the table and ran to Brielle’s defense as Brielle continued to stand her ground.

“Who the hell are you? It’s not your place to tell me to leave! Kara owns this bar so, she’s the only one in here who has that authority!” Brielle shot back.

“I said get the fuck out before I throw you out!” The man screamed even louder, with Bobbie Jo snickering behind him.

Suddenly, Malcolm, Duane, and Jordan got in the man’s face.

“Hey! Back off, you piece of shit!” Malcolm shouted as he got in the man’s face.

“Whoa, Hoss! ‘You throw her out of here, you’d damn well better get ready to throw me out! And I don’t think you can throw me out of here, buddy!” Duane shouted in a threatening tone as he too got in the man’s face.

Brielle’s Friends Intervene 

“In fact, you better get ready to throw us all out of here, Donny!” Atticus challenged the man as he joined Malcolm and Duane in backing Brielle.

Donnie sat back down on his stool and shut his mouth as the three men got in his face and glared him down. Brielle looked Bobbie Jo in the eye.

“You’re damn lucky you got away from me and your buddy had your back. If I’d gotten my hands on you, I’d have broken you in half, bitch! Now, keep it up! Just keep talking shit and see what happens!” Brielle warned her, “People in this town have pushed me too fucking far and I’m in no mood for your bullshit tonight, BJ!”

But Bobbie Jo kept talking from behind the bar. Brielle leaned toward Melanie, who had also joined to support her.

“She doesn’t have a clue, does she?” Brielle said.

“Nope,” Melanie agreed.

Brielle saw Kara, the bar owner, sitting at the next table from her. Kara looked at Brielle, nodded, then gave a thump’s up. Brielle winked at her. Melanie leaned toward Brielle.

Kara Gives her Approval 

“Kara’s got your back. She already knows Bobbie Jo’s a troublemaker. You’re not the first person she’s messed with in here,” Melanie informed.

“I’m not surprised.” Brielle said as she glared at Bobbie Jo without blinking.

When it got close to midnight, Brielle, Malcolm, Atticus and all the friends decided to leave to go eat at Sparky’s Grill, the only 24 hour eatery, before calling it a night. Brielle, Jo, Malcolm and Melanie went outside to talk while Duane, Jordan, Atticus, and Zack stayed inside the bar long enough to tell everyone goodnight.

Suddenly, Bobbie Jo came outside, and pushed past Brielle with her shoulder, then stood there, looking like she was checking to see if Brielle had done something to her car, which was parked out front just a few feet away.

Suddenly, Brielle attacked, only she did not use her training. She did not wished to kill or maim the woman, only to teach her a lesson. She spun Bobbie Jo around and decked her in the eye. Malcolm, Jo, and Melanie gasped, being front and center and seeing it all go down. Bobbie Jo spun like a top before falling frontward into the latticed-in porch wall. Brielle then grabbed her by her hair in the back of her head and shoved her face through the lattice.

Brielle Reaches her Breaking Point

“Oh, shit!” Jo shouted, watching Bobbie Jo get owned. Melanie stood there cheering Brielle on, and Malcolm just stood there, looking pleasantly surprised.

Next, Brielle spun her around and socked her again, causing Bobbie Jo to fall flat on her bottom. Brielle then kicked her a few times while she was down and grabbed her by the hair of her head in an attempt to drag her across the floor.

Suddenly, Duane, Jordan, Atticus, and. Zack came rushing out of the bar, followed by Kara, the bar owner, and her boyfriend James. Atticus, Duane, James, and Jordan all tried to pull Brielle off Bobbie Jo but had a hard time doing it. Brielle was so enraged she was like a bulldog with a bone. She would not let go.

The men then tried to pry Brielle’s hands, finger by finger, from Bobbie Jo’s hair and every time they would get a finger lose and go to the next, that finger would latch on again. It took a minute or two, but they finally pulled Brielle back.

“You crazy motherfucker! You’re nuts!” Bobbie Jo yelled as her boyfriend Mitchell pulled her to her feet.


Bobbie Jo’s hair was so disheveled that it looked as if she had stuck her finger in a light socket. Her hip hugger jeans were pulled down over her thonged but skinny and saggy behind. Every dimple on her butt shone for all the world to see and either laugh at or turn their heads in disgust.

When the fight was over, Bobbie Jo took one last swing at Brielle, only for Brielle to block her punch and deliver a front kick to the torso, sending her opponent flying into the wall beside the door. As she slid down the wall to the floor, Mitchell reached down and helped his woman up again.

“The sheriff will hear about this! You can bet on that!” he told Brielle.

When the sheriff came and arrested Bobbie Jo and Brielle. Duane and the rest of the people who were inside the bar pooled their money together. Later, they posted Brielle’s bail for her while leaving Bobbie Jo to rot. This angered the sheriff and he vowed to get Brielle once and for all.

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