Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II C11-8

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Brielle sat down at Grandma Bennett’s computer while Grandma Bennett remained downstairs to supervise the teenagers and children. Raina and Kim knelt on each side of Brielle as Brielle frantically searched out Shannon’s social media accounts.

When she found her twitter handle, Brielle clicked on direct message and began typing feverishly.

“I sure hope Shannon gets your message, Brielle,” Kim said.

“Yeah. Being a best-selling author and all, I can imagine that she gets millions of them from fans. I pray to God she gets this one!” Raina sighed.

Brielle wanted to hit all of Shannon’s social media accounts and send the same message. Once she was finished, she rose from her seat as Raina and Kim stood up with her.

“Now, the only thing left to do is pray,” Brielle told them.

Brielle Sends Shannon an Urgent Message

Suddenly, they heard Grandma Bennett’s voice call out from downstairs and her tone sounded more like a warning.

“Brielle! Y’all need to come down here and see this!”

Brielle and her two friends rushed downstairs to find Grandma in front of the television, listening to the same broadcast.

“Repeat! This just in! We have now just confirmed that nineteen-year-old Kelsey Kaye McGregor, the daughter of best-selling author, Shannon Crooke McGregor, has been reported missing. This comes from the Missing Persons Unit of the Tucson Metro Police Department. She was last seen yesterday evening at Amigo Joe’s Mexican Restaurant, where she worked as a waitress and dining room supervisor. We will give you updates as they come in.”

“Oh, Lord, Jesus!” Brielle cried.

Suddenly, they heard a knock at the door and saw Popeye through the window of the storm door. Grandma rushed to let him in.

Missing Persons

“Hey, ladies,” he greeted as he came in, “Have y’all heard the news?”

“Yeah, we were watching it just now. Too many coincidences,” Brielle said.

“Y’all got that right! Way too many!” Popeye agreed.

“Mom, what’s going on?” Jane asked as she came into the living room and joined them.

Brielle put her arm around her curious daughter.

“Nothing sweetie. It’s just a missing person’s case in Arizona that might connect with Thomasville and Glover County. But it happened fifteen hundred miles away so there’s nothing for you to worry about,” Brielle assured lovingly before turning and giving Popeye a look of seriousness.

The senses of foreboding that radiated from the adults in the Bennett House seemed to flood the place like a raging torrent.

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