Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II C11-3

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Downstairs, Brielle dialed the hospital and managed to get the receptionist to give her the number to Jane’s room.

Back at the hospital, Jane had just awoken with a gauze bandage wrapped in a crown-like pattern around her head and one wrist handcuffed to the bedrail.

“What the…?” she said woozily as she looked puzzledly at the cuff on her wrist. She struggled against the restraint, pulling the cuffs taut as she made a couple of futile attempts to pull her wrist free. Her eyes then widened as she looked around the hospital room to see if anyone was there.

“Mom? Grandma? Uncle Jesse? Bruce?” she called out before letting out a mixture between a fearful sigh and a groan.

Suddenly, the bedside phone that sat on the bedside drawer began ringing. Jane stretched her body and both arms, fighting against the handcuffs as she reached for the phone. She could barely get her fingers around the earpiece. As the phone kept ringing, she drew a deep breath and make an extra effort to get a grip of the phone, grunting as she stretched as far as she possibly could. Her efforts paid off.

Brielle Sneaks a Call

As soon as she was able to grab the phone, she placed it to her ear, stretching the cord that connected the cradle to the receiver as far as it would stretch.


“Hey, baby! It’s Mom!” Brielle said as her voice broke.

“Mom! Oh my God, where are you? I need you right now!” Jane said as she began crying, “I can’t get out of the bed! I’m handcuffed!” Jane sniveled.

Brielle began crying.

“Sweetie, that sheriff wouldn’t let us see you! Oh, God, baby! I’d be right there, right now, if there was any way I could! But the cops aren’t allowing you any visitors!” Brielle said as she wept, “Oh, God, baby! I’m so sorry! You don’t know how this is killing me inside! You’re all I can think about!”

“I don’t understand, Mom! Why won’t they let you in here! Why can’t you stay with me!” Jane cried.

Jane is in the Hospital…Alone!

“I don’t know why, baby! But just know that I love you! I love you, so, so much! And I want to be there with you! God knows, I want to be there!”

“Mom, I figured that you were mad at me and that’s why you weren’t here! Mom, the cops say that they found weed in my purse! But I don’t know where it came from! Oh, God, Mom, I swear! It’s not mine! I don’t know how it got there! Somebody had to have put it in my purse without me knowing it! But I don’t know how! I had my purse with me the whole time!” Jane whimpered.

“Baby, I know that weed wasn’t yours and I could never be mad at you for this! What you got is a bullshit charge! Okay! Me, Grandma, Grandma B, we all know it’s a trumped-up charge and that it’s bullshit! Roxie came to the hospital earlier. She, Andy, and Brenda were all at the fair and they saw you and Bruce. They were about to come over and say hi to you when they saw Breanna Lindsay, the sheriff’s daughter, and the rest of those little shits walk past you and Bruce while you were both standing in line. Your backs were turned to them, Jane. Roxie and your friends saw Breanna put something in your purse while your back was turned. She swears up and down on it! Your friends from school called the sheriff and his daughter out in front of God and everyone in that waiting room last night,” Brielle assured.

Brielle Tells Jane about the Set Up

“Oh, my God! Mom, who the hell are these people!” Jane gasped.

“They’re sick people, Jane. And unfortunately, this world has a lot of them! But, baby, I promise you, we’re going to fight this! And we’re going to fight like hell! You just hang on, baby! Be my big, brave girl! Okay?”

Meanwhile, Sheriff Bobby stood beside Room 234, which was Jane’s room. Misty approached pushing the medicine cart with the MAR sitting on top of it. They met at the door. Misty made a quick glance around to see if the coast was clear, then the Sheriff handed her a rolled-up wad of one hundred-dollar bills.

Misty quickly stuffed the wad of benjamins deep in the pocket of her nurse’s uniform before Bobby handed her a syringe filled with a white, cloudy, and foamy substance.

“You know what to do,” Bobby told her.

Misty nodded before entering Jane’s room.

Misty Intervenes

Misty walked in and suddenly flinched when she saw that Jane was on the phone. She also happened to catch part of the conversation.

“I’ll try, Mom. I’m really scared,” Jane sobbed.

“I am too, sweetie. But we’re going to overcome this. I promise. Keep the faith, angel,” her mother’s voice vowed on the other end.

Jane looked up to see Misty coming through the door with the med cart and MAR.

“Mom, a nurse just came in. I think it’s Breanna’s mother!” Jane told her.

With that, Misty left the cart and rushed over to where the phone was sitting.

“Hey! What are you doing?” Jane cried as Misty snatched the phone away, then pushed down the plunger with one finger, disconnecting the call.

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