Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II C11

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Chapter 11
“They Always Go After the Children”

Not even a minute later, four more deputies entered the waiting room. Aaron grabbed Roxie, forced her hands behind her back and slapped on the cuffs. A second deputy, who was the father of Kevin Hearns, grabbed Brenda and cuffed her and a third did the same to Andy.

“What the hell are you doing!” Malcolm roared.

“Oh, really? Really???” Roxie shouted.

“Really!” Aaron growled, “We’re arresting you for fighting at the fair! You punks damn near caused a riot tonight!”

“That was no riot, and you know it! We were jumped when we tried to go over to Jane and Bruce and warn them about the dope drop! We only defended ourselves, you morons!” Andy shot back.

“Are you kidding me? This is so wrong!” Brenda cried as she was being cuffed from behind, “This is nothing but retaliation because we called out your rotten offspring!”

“Oh, no! You are not going to take these kids to jail!” Brielle shouted as another deputy came in from the hall with Bruce in handcuffs.

“Bruce!” Big Bruce cried as he darted up to his son and put his arms around him. But another two deputies grabbed him from behind and pulled him away.

Bobby Comes Up with An Excuse to Arrest all the Kids

The commotion at the hospital was deafening as the adults clamored to protect the kids.

“You’re a rotten sonofabitch, Bobby!” Jesse growled.

“Pieces of shit!” Big Bruce yelled.

“You’re going to end up paying for this!” Brielle shouted.

“Assholes! You’re not real law! You’re only criminals with badges!” Marsha McCauley yelled.

Bruce’s older brother Ryan and sister Karen tried to step between the cops and the kids but were violently shoved out of the way.

“You better pray that The Lord has mercy on you, come judgement day!” Grandma Bennett told them, raising her voice.

Ignoring the protests of the adults, Bobby looked at the arresting deputies.

“Get those punks outta here!” He ordered.

Then, there was Misty, standing there with a smug smirk, taking in all the drama and seemingly getting her cheap thrills from it all.

The Families Are Powerless to Help the Kids

All the kids were taken away and Marsha burst into tears as did Bruce’s sister Karen. Big Bruce put his arms around both his ladies. Brielle and Grandma also wept as Malcolm held Brielle and Jesse held Grandma.

Brielle suddenly remembered a quote from a history teacher she had admired and gotten along well with when she was in school.

“They always go after the children.”

 And the quote seemed to replay over and over in her head.

“They always go after the children.

They always go after the children

…the children

…the children…”

Brielle continued to sob in Malcolm’s arms.

Why didn’t they just arrest me! Why do they have to go after these kids!”

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