“Toxic Masculinity” is a BS Term

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Bullying and gaslighting do not just happen to individuals in a school, workplace or community. It happens to entire nations and populations.

Lately, I’ve been hearing the term, “toxic masculinity” and truthfully, it is a term used to gaslight the masses into believing that all men who assume what is considered a strong, masculine role in society are bad people. This painted up, intellectual sounding term is also used to guilt men into toning down their masculinity or manliness.

It brainwashes many men into shirking their responsibilities. In short, the Radical feminists on the Left use the term to weaken the men of the free world ever-so-subtly. “Toxic Masculinity” is such a divisive and mendacious term designed to bait people into hating and resenting men who are awesome leaders in their churches, communities, and those who are father-figures.

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In no way, shape, or form am I suggesting that toxic men don’t exist because they do. Sure, there are men who are abusive to their partners and families. But to make out that all men are toxic is, in and of itself, sexist, unfair, and ignorant.

There are great men in the West and, believe me, these men look down on and despise the toxic men who are abusive to women and to their families. An abusive man is not a real man and there are abusive women as well.

Allow me to break it down and tell you what the goal behind the use of this “toxic” term really is:

To kill anything, you must cut off the head.

Men are ordained by God to be the head of the family and household. A good, responsible, hard-working man is the rock of the family. Not only does he keep order in the family, but he also provides for and protects them. This is how humanity has survived for thousands of years.

Take the man (the head) out of the family and you weaken the entire family! And to weaken an entire country or civilization, you start with weakening the family unit. It’s a process that happens so slowly and in such tiny bites that you won’t even know what’s happening until after it’s gotten so far out of control.

Everything starts with the family unit and ripples outward over time. Over decades, we have, ever-so-slowly and subtly, normalized divorce and single parenthood.

In that,

You normalize laziness in men.

You normalize parents giving their sons everything and take away their incentive to work for a living.

You encourage men to became more feminized.

You mass-incarcerate men (especially black men) for the most trivial of offenses to take them away from, and ultimately weaken their families!

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Understand that I’m not judging anyone who is divorced or is single and raising a family. My mother was divorced and a single parent as was I for a few years. For one parent to do a job for two parents is hard as hell and I salute all the single parents out there.

The point I’m making is this: Many of us are now recognizing a system which is out to destroy us. What has slowly unfolded over several decades only weakens the male population of The West and that’s what the Left and countries like China (yep! I said it!) want in order to destroy Western Civilization- freedom.

As I mentioned earlier, the best way to destroy a civilization is through the family unit and the best way to destroy the family unit is to take out the head of the family or simply, the father and any future fathers, by weakening them.

If this isn’t a form of bullying, I don’t know what is. To weaken someone or a group of people is to reduce or take away their personal power- to create an imbalance of power for the purpose of wussifying a population so that the corruptors- the biggest bullies of the world- can take control, dominate, and bully at will.

I love a good, strong, chivalrous man who is able to lead with love. I love it when my husband opens doors for me and pulls out my chair! He protects me and provides for me. And he loves me. So, I want him to take his place as the head of the household and would expect nothing less of him.

With knowledge comes empowerment!

32 thoughts on ““Toxic Masculinity” is a BS Term

  1. Petrina says:

    I definitely don’t think that people should abuse the term toxic masculinity and use it to demonize real masculinity.

    I have seen where overly aggressive, promiscuous, woman-objectifying men are called toxically masculine.

    And I thought that the word toxic masculinity was only geared toward those negative characteristics that men are not supposed to have.

    Not the noble characteristics such as strong, responsible, courageous, provider, protector. What I have also seen is some men as individuals doing a good job themselves of removing themselves from their families; not wanting to be responsible and choosing those toxic traits.

    I am not aware of women who don’t want a strong, courageous leader in a man, but then I don’t know all women.

    Yes, it is a tool of the adversary and a very effective one to remove men from the households. The households were not designed to function only on motherhood.

    I believe the government intervenes where fathers and husbands fall short. I wasn’t aware that fathers and husbands may be doing all that they’re supposed to do and being responsible, loving and protective and somehow are getting snatched out of their homes.

    Whether, it be unnecessary governmental intervention, malicious women trying to prevent men from being involved or men choosing to be irresponsible themselves, I agree that it simply will not work if men are not leading their families as God has intended. Great post!

    • cheriewhite says:

      Thank you so much, Petrina. You don’t how much this means. Men who are abusive and controlling are not masculine and not real men. Because being controlling and abusive comes from fear and insecurity- those two characteristics aren’t manly at all.

  2. CareTrain says:

    Cherie, I get what you are saying here but could not disagree more on the far left. You have an increasing habit of attacking those that don’t agree with your radicalized political views which frankly come across as Extremist right. You have said on here you are an independent yet never has that come across that way. You have a right to your beliefs, but own it, Extreme Right. I have never met anyone whether extreme right or left that have a problem with “masculinity” but that has been so misconstrued. Men are called to be the spiritual leader in a home and that means lead by example. That means prayer, making sure the family finds and is attending church on a regular basis, and trying to be steady. Far question to anyone reading this for all the females out there. Is your man sitting down with you and praying? Yes, awesome that’s leadership. No, he isn’t leading then and has given up that right of leadership. Is he encouraging and taking the family to a good church on a regular basis? No, he isn’t leading then. Is the Bible regularly discussed in the home and Bible reading going on? No, he isn’t leading then. That’s what leadership is Example. Lack of example, you aren’t a leader.

    It is not a dictatorship which frankly the far right seems to think sometimes and there is nothing wrong with women in leadership (otherwise no woman should run for political office, be a doctor, etc. Ridiculous right but you can’t have it both ways). Letting the man lead is voluntary and many homes are not better off with the man leading. The right man should lead but not all men because some are not right. The operative word is “toxic.” Never ever give in to a toxic person and there are areas where women in the family also should take the lead.

    As far as feminist behavior, once again the Extreme right has misread the room once again. Real feminism does not attack men and still has a willingness for good men to be Spiritual leaders. But also realizes that women are more than capable, every bit the equal, and do not NEED a man to have a great life. It is natural and good to have a loving partner but this I can’t live without a man stuff is complete and utter ridiculousness.

    • cheriewhite says:

      I haven’t attacked anyone. I welcome all points of view and if one goes down through this blog, they will see that all points of view are welcome. Extreme right is just as bad as extreme left. However, most of radicalization is coming from the far progressive left, whereas, in the past, a lot of it came from the far right. No doubt there are still a few far right radicals around and I don’t agree with them either. As women, we’ve made awesome strides and come a long way in the last century and I celebrate that. And it’s one of the reasons why I’m against men who identify as women because I believe it’s a covert way for biological men to know women out of opportunities and positions they’ve worked all their lives for. Also, it’s another avenue for rapists. So, I’m all for women’s rights and equality. Why wouldn’t I be? I’m a woman myself, and, I’ve benefited from it in many ways. But it seems that people are under the assumption that in order to empower one group, they must completely demonize and destroy the other group. And in demonization amd destruction, they only cause further hatred and division and that’s the last thing we need.

      • CareTrain says:

        With all due respect to you, but you just proved my point. There were 3 independent studies done (two outside of the United States so no Nationalism bias) concerning radicalization and extremism done within the last few years and all 3 basically had the same conclusion (a couple of percentage points variation but very very close). It showed that radicalization was about 60-62 percent from the far right and around 40 percent from the far left. Ridiculous on both sides but the far right is still in the lead on that. To your point at one time it was more an 80-20 ration and now 60-40 so there is a slight shift but still far right dominated.

        In terms of this transgender stuff that is some far right radicalization at its highest level. We are talking about roughly 1 percent of the population. The far right is going to go ape shit over 1 percent. I actually know a transgender who has no desire to take any women’s jobs etc, those that do are the minority for what is already a minority. A mountain has been made out of a molehill in a major way and actually there is a higher number of women working in what were once believed to be “male jobs” than transgender females working in women’s jobs and areas. As far as the sports thing goes, most states have never had a transgender female try to compete with biological women but even when that has occurred there are been some women who defeated transgender females. Not always of course but once again mountains made out of a molehill because when the transgender has won, people go nuts but never mention the times the biological female was successful. There was a transgender male (biological female) that became a boxer and started boxing males and won several fights, haven’t one time heard anyone complain about that and most never even heard about it. That’s my point the hypocrisy and people need to understand if you want a free country that means ALL people have rights even the one’s we don’t like. That means homosexual, transgender, asexual, pansexuals, etc are entitled to rights as well. We have got to stop this going nuts over things that only affect a small portion of society and need to deal with the truly big problems in society that plague most people, transgenderism isn’t. I am far more concerned about those who think attacking the Capitol is okay or claiming all elections are fraudalent without ever providing any actual proof unless they win then everything is on the up and up and the group that supports that. For example, Trump legitimately defeated Clinton in 2016. Some Hillary supporters claimed fraud or used the argument she got more popular votes. She did get more popular votes but that is not how the Electoral College works. He won but they did shut up about it eventually. Biden legitimately defeated Trump. 2024 we will likely see that battle again and the results may or may not be different but whoever wins will have won legitimately.

        • cheriewhite says:

          Transgenders do have rights. However, men have their division in sports and women have theirs. So, transgenders should also have a division in sports. And you see more biological males entering women’s sports than you do biological women entering men’s. You hardly ever see biological women entering men’s sports. Yes, there are exceptions. But that’s what they are, exceptions. I think about my granddaughter- if she decided to go into sports or a job, and she works hard for years only to have a biological man take away her chances of advancement, then where will that leave women and girls of the future? And why haven’t women’s rights groups spoken out about this? I can tell you why. They’re afraid of being cancelled.

          • CareTrain says:

            Well of course they do. Actually what I think is you should create a third division for transgenders and any biological women who desire to compete against men (and there are some and some quite successful). But to answer your response, there are some transgender males that are competing against biological males. It isn’t as many as transgender women but there are some. And why is it not talked about? Because it isn’t part of the political agenda is why. Put it another way, take the topic of homosexuality. For most people (and if anyone is homosexual reading this please don’t misconstrue what I am saying and I have no problem with one’s sexuality just discussing) society has a problem with two gay men, correct? You will hear plenty of negativity about that and if that is one’s belief you are entitled to that. But when it concerns two women there is much less said about that. Even ask a heterosexual male this question. Ask him if two men together bothers him and he is going to say yes and might have even more to say about that. But then ask him if two women together bother him and he will say either not nearly as much or even say it is “hot.” If one believes homosexuality to be morally wrong, then does that not apply to both genders. Yet one is talked about and the other not so much.

            As far as taking away chances of advancement, here is the problem. Society missed that one too. We have a far bigger problem called racism. How many black people have had advancement opportunities taken from them because of their skin pigmentation? Far far more than transgenders. Or what about ageism? How many people can’t get a job or move up in their career because society says they are “too old.” Here is the point, advancement opportunities have always been limited for many. It doesn’t make it right but we are going to focus on 1 percent of the population? It doesn’t make sense. Most states have never had a problem with transgenderism stealing opportunity and most of them don’t want to take someone else’s spot. We focus so much on the few extremists in transgenderism we miss the point that there aren’t many who want to step on anyone’s toes.

          • cheriewhite says:

            Thank you for repeating my statement about transgenders having their own division. We agree on that. And I did mention that there were exceptions and the transgender males competing with males are one of those exceptions. Amd society doesn’t have a problem with two gay men. Most people, guys included, don’t care if a person, man or woman, is gay because it’s that person’s business and it’s their life. Granted, you’re going to have expectations a few who do, but they’re in the minority. But most people don’t care. As far as racism, yes, racists do exist and they’re the worst kind of evil. However, black and white have made great strides in becoming more equal. Think about it, back in the 50s and 60s, you didn’t see hardly any bi-racial couples. But now, they’re everywhere and that’s a good thing. I have a few friends who are married or dating a black person and they’re the greatest people you’d ever want to meet. My cousin is also black. We have made much progress in the last 60 years. The problem is that certain interest groups don’t want to discuss the progress. Instead they want to point out the bad things just to keep us divided. They also want to make America look like the most prejudice place of the face of the earth when there are many other countries who are much worse. Look at China and their inprisoning, enslavement, and killing of Uighur Muslims. Yes, racial atrocities still happen here and it’s not only sad, but wrong on so many levels. However, we’ve still made progress compared to a few other countries. Most people here are more accepting of blacks and of interracial marriages and couples than they ever were decades ago.

  3. RespectAll44 says:

    I am sorry, I like most of your posts Cherie but this one is way off the mark. Toxic Masculinity is not a B.S. term. It is an accurate term when men miss a certain criteria. It is the same as Toxic Feminism. Feminism is not wrong nor is Masculinity but the term Toxic is accurate because both can exist. It is a trick of the Far Right to keep the little woman in her place frankly .

    Here is a novel concept and actually a good home. Man and woman have equal Partnership. Man leads Spiritually IF he is a true man of God. If God doesn’t come from his mouth he isn’t that and hence the “leader” of the home thing is gone meaning the woman then takes on that role. And in a good home the female takes leadership in some areas of the home. That’s a partnership anything else is not a partnership and hence is indeed toxic.

    • cheriewhite says:

      Thank you so much for your input.

      There are toxic men, no doubt about it. And yes there are toxic women as well. However, the media has a tendency to lump ALL men who are masculine in the same category as men who are abusive. That’s the point of the post. Not all men are toxic. Just like not all women are toxic. Just as there are abusive men who lead and use their power for selfish gain, there are also good men who are leaders and who don’t abuse their power.

      If people are going to use that term, they should use it to describe only men who are abusive. Besides, in my book, men who are abusive aren’t masculine at all because they aren’t real men. Men who want to keep a woman “in her place” also aren’t very masculine. Because a masculine men would stand behind his woman and encourage her. Abusive men are only sniveling cowards who feel they have to beat their chests and use force to get people to do what they want. Again, that’s not a man and it certainly isn’t masculine. What it is, is wussy.

      • RespectAll44 says:

        Cherie, I understand that but and I hope you don’t take offense but why didn’t you just say exactly that? Instead you went political on that using a very far right manifesto. You mixed your own politics in with that meaning the message was lost with many. I think this is fair. Reach out to a few of your best friends and ask for complete honesty (and at the risk of getting mad I suppose) and ask them if they feel your politics is starting to overwhelm your message. Don’t ask someone very far right or very far left but as close to the middle as possible and demand what they really think. I think it will lead to a better blog and also ask their take on Masculinity and households etc.

  4. Bren J. says:

    Okay many things here to unravel. First, it truly hurts my heart how much this blog has increasingly become nothing but a very far right mouthpiece, no offense. I don’t think anyone from the left or middle is welcome here anymore. Your business but it’s too bad that even the serious issue of bullying is largely forgotten because politics has overriden it and the political bullying became accepted in culture frankly with Trump idealism. It is what it is.

    Second, the institution of marriage has always been bad. Divorce rates have gotten higher as women have gotten more opportunities in the workplace and realized there is no reason to stay when you can make it on your own. I can change my own tire, thank you. Third, let’s talk about male leadership. There are two ways to consider that. One was the Societal norm at one time and quite disgusting by the way, where women were treated as property and less than men. It was as atrocious as slavery. Thank goodness strong women said no more. The other part of that is Biblical (but not the same as society’s view) and that is men as Spiritual leaders. The Bible calls for the man to lead in faith driven areas but if the man fails in that then it falls on the woman. I would ask any married woman is your husband leading in Spiritual matters? If he isn’t then he doesn’t get to lead in anything else either. Just an observation I have noticed in my life. How many women when Spiritually attacked find themselves having to ask for other people including other men to pray for them INSTEAD of their husband? How many women are married or dating men who are jealous and insecure about other men and the woman has to even hide if she ever says hello to a male friend? And as far as a protector both should be protecting one another. Not all women are damsels in distress and quite capable just like not all men are Rambo. Find your own strengths.

    But to me what is Toxic is thinking leadership is a right just because of your genitalia. Leaders come in all shapes and sizes. As I said I can change my own tire.

    • cheriewhite says:

      I happen to be Independent, so everyone is welcome. I’m all for women in leadership rolls and I believe they can have it both ways. However, we don’t have to demonize maleness in order to be equal with them. Sadly, most people are under the assumption that to empower one group means to demonize and completely destroy another- that’s not right.

      • Bren J. says:

        Of course men shouldn’t be demonized but neither should women hence Toxic Masculinity and Toxic Feminism. Nothing wrong with being masculine or a feminist either one. But the problem is both sides when Toxic do not demonize the opposite sex. If you truly believe the far left demonize men then no one can change your views BUT that also applies to the Far Right which demonize strong women and considers Feminism is a bad thing when it isn’t either.

        For me independence means not depending on others (not saying you personally I am speaking in general terms) It means both people working, sharing in decision making, it means both protecting, both leading in certain areas.

  5. Bren J. says:

    I do have to comment on one thing, Cherie. And I hate if this feels like an attack but your not Independent politically. Not one time have you ever attacked the far right on here on anything. I have seen some of your other Social Media before and on Facebook and Twitter is always attacks on the far left and Democrats every time. On Twitter you called Joe Biden, Pedo Joe. You have all the right to do so but Trump had over 20 women accuse him of rape. I don’t know if that is true or not but recently he has refused and had his lawyers tie up the courts to not have to give a DNA sample. Once again I don’t know what did or did not happen but would logic not prevail that an innocent person would insist on the sample being given to proof their innocence? Have you posted about that to give balance thar maybe both sides are guilty or maybe both sides are innocent? You never do that, it is always one sided and that is your business just call it what it is. And it is your Blog and cause so it is your business but is it not fair if one side is being attacked and the other gets a pass from you that tue side being attacked may be lost readers and opportunity and I don’t think political ideology has a place in what this cause is supposed to be about and started as, I just dont.

    • cheriewhite says:

      I get what you’re saying. Right and wrong shouldn’t be a political issue. I’m independent because the Left has gotten to where they want to run our lives and tell us what to do and most of the right is pretty much the same. There are two wings, the right wing and left wing but they belong to the same bird. I’ve done a lot of reading and I’ve kept up with Donald Trump since about 1990. And he wasn’t a politician. He wasn’t a part of the Political Establishment and still isn’t. Trump was a philanderer- I’ll give you that. He cheated on Ivana with Marla Maples years ago and left her for Marla. But I don’t think he raped anyone. The guy isn’t perfect by a long shot and he can be a downright wise acre. But he was a businessman, not a politician. I didn’t like him at first. Not at all. But again, he isn’t part of the “cool kids” of Washington DC. He’s an outsider and that’s why the media make him out to be a monster. I wouldn’t be much of an advocate against bullying if I didn’t notice these things or if I did but turned a blind eye to them. The man isn’t even in office anymore. he’s out of the picture and has been for almost two years. Yet, people still bring him up, all the time. Now why is that? Realize that to bring the guy up after he’s left office, they only keep him relevant. Good or bad, he’s still getting plenty of press. Bad press yes, but press, nonetheless. The guy lost and people are still bringing him up, even when they attack him. And it’s not just the left, the right is just as guilty.

      It is this which has inspired me to ask why and do further research to get the answer. And so far, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s more about right and wrong than it is right and left.

      I’m not big on ideology. However, I am an American Patriot and I love this country. I grew up an Army brat and a Christian. I believe in fairness, equality, and the Golden Rule. And when I see wrong, I’m not afraid to speak my piece about it. Any opinion I give, not everyone is going to agree with and that’s okay. A few people might even get upset and that’s okay too. Again, all views are welcome. I don’t mind healthy debates.

      I appreciate you commenting and being honest. And I can respect you for that.

  6. Bren J. says:

    And you have a right to that but there is plenty of behavior from Trump that is questionable (and plenty of career politicians too) but he became a politician so after being in the White House that “outsider” thing no longer flies. No one is a politician until they run the first time. In terms of the allegations, maybe so, maybe not but if he is given the benefit of the doubt it should also be given elsewhere and what fruits of the Spirit does he show respectfully? The man has said he never asked God for forgiveness for anything (his words). Forgiveness is what Christianity is about and I sin daily. Not asking for forgiveness means you don’t have prayer in your life. And in a recent interview he could not name ONE verse of Scripture. That should bother all Christians yet it doesn’t. What an indictment! We should all pray for Mr.Trump and hope he truly finds God one day but that doesn’t mean voting for him.

    In terms of “Patriot.” Boom, there it is. Anyone who uses the term Patriot (this applies to all not just you) are not independent. That term is used by the radicalized far right who don’t like the term radicalized far right.

    And if you believe in fairness and equality that means everyone not just certain groups and individuals and not just calling out one group which is what you have frankly been doing. The term “Patriot” is one of those terms to defend one’s position while not really owning their views. Okay your far right, that’s your business.

    But it is like the term “lesser of two evils.” Hmmm? Well evil is still evil. We all need to own that too, we are admitting we are still supporting evil but because we agree just a little bit more with one side of evil we defend it in our minds which makes us what we accuse politicians of being.

    And people still bring Trump up because of his doing. He never conceded and already announced he is running. That’s on him. Anyone who us a candidate fair game. Had he gone back to running his business (while paying no taxes last year I might add) and stop crying about losing and becoming a private citizen that would be fair. He chose not to, that’s on him

    • cheriewhite says:

      You have a mixed up idea of what the meaning of Patriot is. But that’s what fake propaganda outlets like CNN do, twist the meaning of words to fit their narrative. So I guess the word, “Patriot” is whatever you won’t it to mean, right? And how do you know whether a person has asked forgiveness? And how do you know whether or not they pray? And sense you want to go full bully and accuse me of being far right just because I’m an American Patriot, believe in Christ, and have a love for this country, which is my home, you just spoke volumes about yourself. Don’t ever tell me what I am because you don’t know me.

      I don’t like your tone and I won’t tolerate you getting on MY blog and telling me (not in so many words) what I should believe and how I should think. I did nothing to you and I was respectful with you until now. With each of your messages, you’ve gotten more and more snide. All because I happen to have questions about the vitriol that surrounds Trump.

      I have my own mind and I’m my own person! I have my own opinions. Our opinions differ and I respect your opinion even though I don’t agree. Now kindly repay me the same respect I give you or you can unfollow me now and be on your way. People used to be content to agree to disagree and still get along. We need to get back to that. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean they hate you and it doesn’t mean they are your enemy.

      Again, I am an American Patriot, not Republican, not Democrat. I’m a Patriot, plain and simple. I’m not ashamed of it and never will be. Thank you and good night.

      • Bren J. says:

        Trump was asked and HE said it directly. His words! And nothing was said snide ma’am. I simply stated Patriots are far right. Check out the belief system, read the consistency of their posts etc. But since you accused me of bullying when I wasn’t, I debated with you based on what has been presented I’ll bite. Would it be fair for everyone to go to your Facebook page and read what you have consistently posted on Facebook whenever it is political? Not someone else’s words or opinion but simply what you said? Would it be fair on your Twitter page to do that as well? And align those things you stated with the Far Right Ideaology. Would that be fair because it matches exactly with them. One time is one thing but time and time again so in other words consistency. And for some reasons you call that bullying or take issue with that, correct?

        I and others have simply pointed out your comments are very far right leaning and that has been consistent. That is not a criticism. It is a statement of one’s belief in their political ideas. It is okay of you are far right many are, many are neither and many are far left. Everyone is entitled to that but every person should own it instead of denying it.

  7. Bren J. says:

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patriot_movement . Please note one of the definitions of the Patriot movement. Please note that it referred completely to it being a far right movement. Maybe not all those beliefs apply to you individually or another individual but far right is what the Patriot movement is and once again people have that right but when the term is used to justify behavior such as the Insurrection, that’s problematic. It is just like the term Progressive. People will say they are progressive but in reality it means far left liberal. Once again their right but Patriots and progressives can call themselves what they want but it is far right and left Extremism.

    And as far as the link I posted. I realize it is Wikipedia which is somewhat accurate on most things but not always 100 percent spot on, so after your response I took the liberty to do a little research myself and every single thing I read etc that talked about “American Patriot” all, 100 percent mentioned far right. Not some but all.

    And that’s what is being said on this debate on here today. No one is bullying you. I wouldn’t do that, it is just that there is a political agenda being presented in some of these posts. This is your blog, your Social Media pages are yours, your thoughts are yours but not everyone shares your beliefs and when one post their ideaology then their ideas are fair game to debate. Personal insults and attacks are not what our forefathers were intending with free speech but political viewpoint is different.

    • cheriewhite says:

      That’s false, there are independents and some moderate democrats who are Patriots. And Wikipedia has a long history of being inaccurate.


      1. a person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion.

      2. a person who regards himself or herself as a defender, especially of individual rights, against presumed interference by the federal government.

      3. Patriot, Military. a U.S. Army antiaircraft missile with a range of 37 miles (60 kilometers) and a 200-pound (90-kilogram) warhead, launched from a tracked vehicle with radar and computer guidance and fire control.

      There’s nothing about the far right here. Again, I don’t go to Wikipedia and my professors during my last 2 years in college instructed us never to go to Wikipedia. That it was largely unreliable and inaccurate.

  8. CareTrain says:

    Mrs.White, not trying to be rude here because you do good important work but you owe some people an apology on this one. You were the one who chose to politicize a post and some people called you on it. They simply pointed where they thought you were in error on this one (and yes Patriots are in current politics far righters who don’t want to say they are far right). At no point did anyone seem to get rude they just stuck to their guns. You stuck to yours, they (including me) stuck to ours. I claimed for years I was an independent and I do rarely vote a straight ticket but the truth is I lean to the left. I believe in fairness to all people not just the ones we like or dislike and I in favor of things like background checks, banning of assault weapons and high capacity weapons (not against the banning of all guns only the most powerful ones) etc. In other words, I am not really an independent. Not far left but more left than right.

    If bullying occurred it was on all sides including yourself, me, others, etc. so let’s all work on ourselves.

    • cheriewhite says:

      And I stand by everything I said. Patriots can be from any party. JFK was a patriot and he was a Democrat. And they had him killed because he was about to expose the Deep State. You really need to wake up because the Globalists and New World Order have brainwashed you. And because of this brainwashing of the masses, we are now more divided than ever. I can be Independent and still be a Patriot because I love this country. Please, please do your research.

      Amd bullying and politics go hand in hand- they always have. I’m sure you’ve hear of Office Politics, School Politics, etc. I only bring out politics every once in a while. But when I do, it’s because I hear or read something that deeply concerns me for our country and for humanity.,

      We may not agree on everything. But I still wish you well. Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy new year! 🎄🌟🎉

  9. CareTrain says:

    First of all, Merry Christmas to you and yours as well.

    Now on to your points. First, I do a ton of research as well as all people should. But here is the problem, in polarized/radicalized America all research can be contradicted. It is what you the individual chooses to believe which is how it is very easy to become radicalized without even recognizing it. I do lots of research and I can almost guarantee you that any spin you put on politics based on your “research,” I can come up with research that totally goes 100 percent against yours AND you come come up with research that 100 percent goes against mine. And it also comes down to what websites, what books, what writers, what articles, what media, do you the individual choose to believe. In other words, it is very challenging not to get radicalized. It is also why I do research not only from Democratic leaning perspective, not only from Republican leaning perspective, not only from independent leaning perspective, but other political parties as well and other countries views of the United States as well. I combine it all together and then try to form my own take on something.

    In addition, I took some Political Science in class and have friends who are politicians and know people who are experts in Political Science theory so I am not just some country bumpkin in my views.

    In terms of your comment regarding “The Deep State.” Once again here lies the problem. You mentioned Kennedy as being a Patriot. Kennedy’s approval ratings had dropped badly in the southern states and when you are President every single President is disliked by roughly half the nation and other nations. There is always some whack job wanting to take them out and it has always been that way. The Deep State is only believed to exist but roughly half of all Americans. In other words, half of all people here don’t think it really exists so even that comes down to Conspiracy Theory often. Also the term “Deep State” is largely a right wing belief and word. Democrats seldom call it that and those that do believe the theory that are left leaning usually refer to it as the “Military-Industrial Complex.” In other words, your use of the term Deep State is an indication of likely being right wing which is your business.

    And the term Patriot at one time may have meant simply a love of America but most people here love America they just have different views of it. So based on your argument, almost every American is a “Patriot.” Reagan loved America, it was just his view of what he thought America should be. Bush loved America it was just his view whether you agree or not, Clinton loves America it is just his view whether you agree or not… But the term you use “Patriot” has changed. Patriot is now an extreme right wing movement. Democrats and independents seldom call themselves Patriots anymore because it is an extreme right wing point of view. And frankly you have been radicalized and Brain washed because if you look at the posts that include politics they are always right wing based. If you check out your social media on Facebook and Twitter they are always right winged based if you are talking politics. It is a different time now, Cherie.

    And for some reason you seem to accuse others of bullying you if someone has a different political view and points out you come across as extremely right wing. That isn’t an insult toward you, that is your belief system and you are entitled to that. I just think people want you to own that. If I say I love cold weather every day but then constantly talk about how much I hate it 90 percent of the time and then claim I am actually neutral about it, no I am not. The evidence shows that I in fact DON’T like cold weather.

    And at the end of the day whether a New World Order exists or not, I could not give two craps frankly. What is going to be is going to be and I am going to live my life and control what I can control and just be the best person I can be. We spend far too much time in conspiracy theory and thinking the government is out to get it us when in fact the government isn’t thinking about most of us period.

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