Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II C10-8

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When Brielle and Malcolm arrived at the hospital, they met Grandma Bennett, Marcelle, and Jesse in the emergency department waiting room. They each hugged Brielle as she cried. Roxie, Andy, and Brenda were also there, waiting to get an update on their friend.

John, Brielle’s father, sat in one of the chairs, holding the baby in his lap, and putting his arm around Olivia as she laid her head on his shoulder and cried.

Sheriff Bobby and Deputy Ashton Childers were also there, looking at the Bennett’s with smirks on their faces. Roxie and the other two friends glared contemptuously at the two crooked cops.

“I’m going back there to be with her,” Brielle said as she started for the door to the main hall that was lined with ER rooms. Bobby and Ashton blocked the door, refusing to allow Brielle to pass through.

The Crooked Lawmen Bar Brielle from Seeing Jane

“I’m afraid you can’t see your daughter right now, Brielle,” Bobby told her.

“What the hell do you mean I can’t see her? I sure as hell can! Now get out of my way!” Brielle shot back as she tried to push her way past the two lawmen, only to be shoved backwards.

Seeing Jane’s mother being shoved so violently, Roxie and the other two kids gasped with shock and horror, as did Grandma Bennett.

“Hey!” Jesse yelled, jumping up and shaking a finger at the two crooked cops, “You keep your goddamn hands off her! She’s her mother, and she has every right to see that child!”

“Why won’t you let her be with her daughter, Sheriff?” Grandma Bennett asked, raising her voice.

“Because she and her little boyfriend are being charged with possession of marijuana with intent to sell! ! We found an ounce of weed in her purse when we got to the scene of the accident,” Bobby shot back.

A Juicy Opportunity for the Town Bullies

Brielle’s eyes narrowed and shot daggers at the sheriff. She slowly stepped closer to them, getting in their faces. Jesse gently took his sister’s arm and pulled her back.

“No! He wants you to react, honey! Don’t give the prick the satisfaction!” he advised.

“Come on, baby! Don’t give these creeps what they want,” Grandma advised, “know that your family is behind you one hundred percent,” she said lovingly, before giving the lawmen a glare from hell.

Brielle continued to glare threateningly at Bobby and Ashton.

“That’s bullshit and you know it, Bobby!” She growled, “Jane couldn’t sell booze to an alcoholic!

“It is bullshit!” Roxie shouted, “I saw Bruce and Jane standing in line, waiting to ride the tilt-a-whirl! I also saw with my own two eyes, Breanna Lindsay and the rest of those creeps walk by Jane and Bruce as their backs were turned! I saw Breanna drop something in her purse! They planted that shit on her! Ms. Markowitz, Jane and Bruce are innocent! And these creeps know it!”

Roxie Stands Up for Her Friend

“I dare you to prove it, little girl!” Ashton taunted.

Roxie jumped up from her chair.

“Go fuck yourself, you crooked sonofabitch!” Roxie shot back, pointing her finger and jabbing it at the sleazy lawmen.

“Yeah! You’re nothing but a big, fat pussy, hiding behind a badge!” Andy added loudly.

Jesse snickered at the two county cops.

“Out of the mouths of babes,” he taunted.

Brielle didn’t budge. She stood there giving the dirty lawmen the dirtiest look she could muster.

“‘You know what? Even if this was a legitimate charge, which every person in here knows damn well it isn’t, I still have a right as a parent to see her! And you will step aside, you pieces of shit! Or so help me, I haven’t begun to unleash my crazy!”

Bobby and Ashton only taunted Brielle and the rest of them with smug smirks and giggles.

Bobby and Ashton Dare Brielle

“Go for it, sweetheart! Please! I want you to. Just give me a reason,” Sheriff Bobby taunted, “You’re still not going back there, not tonight and not tomorrow.”

“If only you weren’t wearing that badge, Bobby! I’d mop the floors with your pussy ass! Both of you! I’d tear your balls off and feed them to you! Motherfuckers, you ain’t seen me crazy yet! You don’t know crazy until you fuck with my kids!” Brielle warned, thinning her lips and baring her teeth as she spoke.

Grandma Bennett again put her arms around Brielle.

“Come one, baby. They’re not worth it,” she said softly and tenderly while Jesse stood beside them, giving the sheriff and deputy both threatening glares.

During the entire confrontation, Malcolm had stood there, giving the lawmen his own brand of dirty looks. He took Brielle in his arms.

“There’s nothing we can do right now. But you can believe this isn’t over. We’ll fight this, baby. I promise. And I’ve got your back,” he whispered.

“Well, well. Look at loverboy trying to console his sweet thang. Don’t that look cute?” Ashton sneered.

“Oh, blow it out your ass, you fuckwit!” Malcolm shot back.

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