Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II C10-5

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On the other side of town, Brielle and Malcolm were also on a date. As they sat under the stars at one of the few drive-in theaters in the next town, they were too busy holding each other to pay attention to the show. Malcolm spoke.

“I have an idea. After the movie, let’s say we head over to the fair and catch up with Jane and Bruce,” he suggested.

“Nah. I don’t to be one of those helicopter parents and I’m not sure she’d like that. I know my oldest baby. She’d think I was checking up on her. I want her to know that I trust her and I’ll continue to trust her until she breaks that trust,” Brielle responded softly, “Let’s let the kids have fun without any chaperones around.”

“You know. You’re absolutely right. I was a teenager once and I wouldn’t have liked that either,” Malcolm agreed.

Brielle Respects Jane’s Privacy

After the movie. Malcolm took Brielle to the river. He opened the tailgate of his pickup truck and they sat on it under the stars. After a passionate kiss, Malcolm caressed Brielle’s face in his hands.

“I really enjoy spending time with you,” he told her.

Brielle smiled.

“Yeah, me too,” she said.

“I know you’ve been through a lot. So, I want you to know that I won’t pressure you in any way. Just know that I do care about you. I know we’re only on our second date and all but I do care and I’d like to see where this goes,” Malcolm said tenderly.

Brielle leaned in, placing her cheek on Malcolm’s chest as he wrapped his arms around her.

“You know Atticus talks about you a lot at work. Oh, don’t worry, it’s all good. But he’s a great judge of character and I figure that if he trusts you, then I have no reason not to,” she said.

“Atticus and I go back a long time,” Malcolm said.

“How do you know each other?”

“He was married to my sister, Luanne,” Malcolm answered.

Brielle’s head popped up and she looked at him with widened eyes. She placed a hand over her heart.

Malcolm continued.

Malcolm’s Connection to Attitus

“Yep. It was my sister and my niece who were killed by that drunk, Otis Crabtree. I was eleven years old when she died, and my mother and father never got over her death. Then they died within six months of each other when I was eighteen. That’s when I decided to enlist in the service. Then when I got out of the Army, I moved here to help Atticus get his business up and running. And I’ve been here ever since.

“Oh, I had no idea, Malcolm. You don’t know how sorry I am about your sister. Jo told me all about it and it breaks my heart for you and for Atticus,” Brielle said gently.

“Thank you. It was hard. ‘Still is sometimes. The Crabtree’s- God they make my stomach sick! But I’ll have to admit! I was tickled when Johnny Crabtree finally got arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced. He’s going to die in prison, and rightfully so,” Malcolm said bitterly.

He paused before speaking again.

“I know. This is supposed to be a date and I really shouldn’t be talking about these things. I’m sorry, Brielle,”

“I understand. And it’s okay.”

With that, Malcolm crooked his finger under her chin and showered her face with light, butterfly kisses. He then softly pressed his lips against hers. The kiss then progressed into a passionate kiss.

Brielle’s Cellphone Blows Up

Suddenly Brielle’s phone rang.

Brielle ignored the call and continued to reciprocate Malcolm’s tender kisses. She had long forgotten what it felt like to be kissed and caressed by a man- to have strong, masculine hands cup her face and to smell the scent of a man’s cologne paired with pheromones. And she was enjoying every bit of it.

Her arms snaked around Malcolm’s neck and he pulled her even closer to him. He run his hands up her back and held the back of her head with his fingers through her long, blonde hair. Brielle tilted her head back as Malcolm continued to kiss down her neck.

The phone continued to ring as they made out in the bed of the truck.

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  1. Adelaide Dupont says:

    She does.

    Allies are important.

    At the moment I am reading Michael Robotham’s book from last year which is about two powerful women – Philomena and Tempe.

    Let me say – the quality of the men in their lives vary a lot.

    From one D. Goodall to Henry, Philomena’s fiancé.

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