Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II C10-4

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The following week passed quickly. Friday arrived quickly and, as Brielle worked her shift at Bobtail Bud’s, the hours seemed to pass like minutes. At the end of Brielle’s shift, Atticus sent Jo to ask her to stop by his office before going home.

When Brielle arrived, Atticus smiled.

“Do come in, my busy little bee,” he said with a wink.

Brielle sat down in front of Atticus’ desk.

“So, what can I do you for, boss man?” Brielle said, smiling back.

“I just interviewed a new waitress and she starts tomorrow night. And you’ve worked so hard for me for over a year now. You even held down the fort while I was in the hospital and Jo was staying there with me. I want you to know that I haven’t forgotten that and if I haven’t thanked you yet, I’m doing it now,” Atticus told her in a sincere tone.

“You’re very welcome,” Brielle said sweetly, “You, Jo, and most of the staff here have been good to me and it’s why I love working here so much.”

Atticus Gives Brielle A Pleasant Surprise.

“I’m very happy to hear that, Brielle. I want to ask you a quick question. How would you like to have every other weekend off from now on? You’ll get to be home with your children every two weeks on Friday and Saturday. Also, you and Malcolm can have the weekend to go out.” Atticus offered.

Brielle smiled.

“I’ll take you up on that,” she said excitedly.

The following evening was Saturday and the Fair had arrived in Glover County, just in time for the Fall Festival, which was held every year, on the last weekend of September, from Thursday to Sunday.

As promised, Bruce took Jane to the fair, showing her the best time she had had since the big move east from California. They rode the spinning spider, the merry-go-round, and many other fascinating rides.

Later in the evening, she and Bruce rode the Farris wheel together, holding each other and laughing heartily. But, unbeknownst to the happily dating couple, several pairs of evil eyes that had watched them the entire evening, continued to watch from the crowds below.

Bruce Takes Jane to the County Fair

Breanna Lindsay, Audrey Crabtree, Chandler Ames, Kevin Hearns, and about five more of the clique were also at the fair. With eyes flashing and furrowed brows, each member of the clique seethed as they watched Bruce and Jane going round and round, and up and down on the Farris wheel. They could hear Jane’s laughter as Bruce took her in his arms. He then kissed her passionately provoking their angry scowls to intensify to the point of contorting.

Not far away, the Sheriff Bobby also watched the happy couple, standing near the refreshment stand alongside deputies Ashton Childers, Aaron Hughes, and Austin Eves; and sipping a hot Styrofoam cup of coffee.

Breanna then looked at Chandler, then at Audrey.

“Come on, y’all! Let’s squash this shit!” she growled in resentment.

When the Farris wheel stopped, Bruce and Jane were the first passengers to be let off. Bruce then took Jane’s hand in his and led her over to the tilt-a-whirl. They continued to hold hands as they stood at the back of the line, waiting for their turn to ride.

“Aww! Look over there at Mickey and Mallory, y’all! So happy and so in love!” Audrey cooed sarcastically.

Being Watched!

“Don’t they look cute?” Chandler gushed, his voice also dripping with sarcasm.

“Straight out of a Romeo and Juliet play,” Breanna sneered before Chandler nudged her with his elbow and sneakily slipped something in her hand.

Breanna stuffed the hand that held the mystery item down into her front pants pocket.

“Now, let’s give miss karate queen a little present,” Chandler said with an evil grin.

Slowly and quietly, Breanna and the clique walked toward Bruce and Jane. Breanna kept her occupied hand in her pocket as they got closer. The couple’s backs were facing the clique as they, cloaked by the crowd, crept closer. Breanna noticed that Jane’s purse was partially open as it hung off her shoulder by the strap and rested on the backside of her hip.

As Breanna and the rest of the clique walked past, Breanna quickly looked around to see if anyone else was watching, then removed her occupied hand from her pants pocket, reached into Jane’s purse. She then pulled an empty hand back out of the purse and kept walking. It happened so quickly.

Breanna then looked at Chandler.

The Plant.

“The package has been delivered,” she assured smugly.

“Oops! Someobody’s gonna get in trouble!” Audrey said in a soft, sing-song voice.

“Now, we proceed to the next step! Let’s do some real damage!” Rhonda Eves sneered.

Luckily, Roxie and her new boyfriend weren’t far off. Andy and Brenda, who had also began dating, were with them. Roxie’s face lit up when she caught site of Bruce and Jane.

“Hey, there’s Bruce and Jane. Come on, let’s go catch up with them,” she excitedly suggested to the rest of the friend group. As the other three turned around,  Roxie’s eyes widened as she watched Breanna stick her hand in Jane’s purse as she walked by her.

“Hey, wait a minute! Did you see that!” Roxie cried, “Breanna just dropped something in Jane’s purse!”

“That can’t be good! We gotta warn her! Come on, let’s go!” Brenda advised.

As they headed toward Bruce and Jane, three more members of the clique stepped in front of them.

“What’s your hurry?” Becky Lee asked as they blocked Roxie, Andy and Brenda from going anywhere.

Suddenly, Giles Crabtree, Janessa Holtz, April Hart, and Samantha Criss walked up from behind. Roxie and the other group of outcasts looked around to see that they were completely surrounded.

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