Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II C10-2

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Brielle noticed the face-change.

“Malcolm, what is it?” she asked gently before turning around to see that none other than Sheriff Bobby Crabtree had entered the restaurant. He immediately looked in their direction.

Brielle quickly turned back around, sighing in dread. She looked at Malcolm and shook her head in displeasure.

“Boy, it’s a good thing we finished eating before he walked in here,” she quipped.

“Yeah. No kidding!” Malcolm said disdainfully eyeing the sheriff with a contemptuous glare.

Bobby turned and started toward the dating couple before stopping in front of them.

“Well, Malcolm. I thought that surely you had better taste than this,” he sneered before looking at Brielle, “And you? You should know that we’re watching you. We’re watching every move you make,” the sheriff warned.

Sheriff Bobby Tries to Spoil a Good Thing

“Oh, you mean, stalking me, don’t you? That is the correct term, isn’t it? I mean, seriously. Don’t you have a life, Bobby?” Brielle smarted off.

The sheriff continued, ignoring her last comment.

“You want to rock the boat, then you’d best have a life jacket handy. Because you just might end up tipping it over,” Bobby growled.

He then turned back to Malcolm.

“Roll in the mud with pigs and get just as dirty,” Sheriff Bobby told him before leaving.

Malcolm just sat there, glaring at the sheriff as if to burn a hole through him with his vision. His angry eyes followed the crooked county cop until he got in his cruiser and drove out of sight. He then looked at Brielle.

“That sorry piece of shit! C’mon. Let’s go somewhere we won’t be bothered by the likes of him,” he told her as he picked up the ticket, took out his wallet, and left a five dollar tip before they both approached the lady at the counter behind the cash register.

Class at Brielle’s

The following Monday morning, Kim’s and Raina’s children begin their first day of homeschool. They all met at Brielle’s house to help each other homeschool all the kids. Grandma Bennett had also arrived to help with the teaching. Brielle and Kim were just getting all the children seated to begin their home school lessons when they heard a knock at the door. When Brielle answered the door, she found two professional looking women on her doorstep, complete with nametags, “Child Protective Services,” on her doorstep.

“What can I do for you?” Brielle asked them.

“I’m Ann Crabtree and I’m an officer with the Glover County Juvenile Truancy Division. and this is Alyssa Lindsay, with Glover Country Child Protective Services,” Ann informed.

“Crabtree? Lindsay? Right. So, again, what can I do for you?” Brielle asked in a suspicious tone.

“The school board has just reported that your children aren’t in school. And we need to know why.” Ann, one of the two social workers demanded.

CPS and the Truancy Division Get Involved.

Grandma Bennett came out of the kitchen and stood behind Brielle, glaring at the two social workers.

“I’ll have you know that these kids are in school! We transferred them from their schools in Thomasville to Pathways Christian Home School! So, they are getting an education!” she shot back.

Kim and Raina, who were sitting at the table, helping the kids with their math, looked up. They then turned to the kids.

“You all stay here and stay seated. We’ll be right back,” Kim told them before she and Raina went into the living room to see what was going on. They then joined Grandma Bennett behind Brielle.

“What my grandmother just told you is correct. These kids are being homeschooled! And I have proof!” Brielle added before going into her bedroom. She opened her fireproof safe, and scooped up the paperwork from Passageways as proof that the girls were getting their education through the home school program.

When she returned to the door and presented Ann the paperwork, Ann and Alyssa read the documents, then handed them back to Brielle.

Brielle Shows Proof.

“Alright. And is this an accredited school?” Ann asked again.

“Yes. If it wasn’t, I don’t think the state would allow them to do business.” Brielle told her.

“That’s not necessarily so. But we’ll do some checking. Then we’ll be in touch.” Alyssa, the second worker interjected before they both left.

After Brielle closed the door, Grandma Bennett let out a long sigh.

“Oh, boy! Why do I get the feeling that this is only the beginning? This smells like the Glover County School Board is about to retaliate against Brielle and probably the rest of the parents who have pulled their kids out of the schools in Thomasville,” she concluded in a tone of dread.

A Sense of Foreboding.

“Yep! And you can bet that Bobby, the fake sheriff and the rest of those crooked cronies like Misty and Rita are in on it,” Raina added.

“Yep! Misty and Rita were on duty at the hospital when we brought Jane in after that knife-attack at school,” Grandma Bennett continued, “I saw those two tramps with my own two eyes!”

“Oh, that’s great! So, that’s what Bobby was talking about when he confronted me and Malcolm at Bon Appetit Saturday evening, “This is what he meant with his comment about rocking the boat,” Brielle told them.

“I hate to say it. But I’m with your grandmother on this, Brielle,” Kim told her, “I have a really bad feeling that this isn’t going away.”

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  1. Adelaide Dupont says:

    What a great illustration of community homeschooling and Education Otherwise.

    I am sorry for the circumstances that necessitated it.

    And I am glad Brielle brought it up to show it was completely legal [not to mention moral and ethical].

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