Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II C9-2

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“Changing the subject, are you and Bruce talking again yet?” Roxie asked.

“Nope,” Jane answered, “He acted like a jerk, and I have no time for jerks. My dad was a jerk, and he treated my mom like a peasant! I watched my mom take so much abuse from him and I’ll be damned if I’m going to have anything to do with anyone who even smells of male dominance.”

“Bruce is not abusive, Jane,” Roxie told her.

“Maybe he’s not. But I’m not willing to take that chance, Roxie. He’s got a lot to prove to me and that takes time.”

“I understand.”

Fifteen minutes before the start of her first period class, Mrs. Dufresne had not arrived yet.  Jane walked in to see looks of resentment on the faces of not only Janessa, April, and Samantha, but many of the other classmates as well. Both Breanna’s and Audrey’s desks were empty. Next, Bruce came in and sat down in the desk next to her and Jane had nothing to say to him, acting as if he did not exist.

Jane Ignores Bruce

As the minutes ticked by, Jane would sense Bruce eyeing her as if he wanted to say something to her, but she held firm in her determination not to speak to him nor acknowledge him. A few more classmates came in, sneering at Jane as they walked by and took their seats.

One of them, a boy, looked at Janessa.

“Welp! I guess Crazy Jane showed up for school today,” he sneered, making sure to talk loud enough so that Jane could get an earshot. The remark was followed by scattered giggles and cackles.

“Yep! She’s got a lot of nerve, doesn’t she! Hell, I wish I was that brave!” Janessa taunted.

Two other girls sitting behind Jane continued to stare at her as they whispered in each other’s ear while pointing at her. Janessa, April, Samantha, and the classmates that sat around them continued to whisper and giggle as well. They too stared at Jane and pointed fingers at her. Bruce, turned at looked at the gossipers, shooting them a dirty look.

Enough is enough!

Finally, Jane finally had enough. She jumped up from her seat, causing the rest of the class to flinch in their seats.  The whispering and giggling stopped suddenly, so suddenly, it was as if someone had flipped a switch. The resulting silence was deafening. The entire class watched Jane with wide eyes and mouths agape as she darted across the room, approaching Janessa and the rest of the talkers.

“Oh, shit!” muttered a boy in the back of the room, piercing the silence.

“’Got something to say? Why don’t you come say it to my face! I’m right here! Don’t be a wuss all your life!” she said, raising her voice as she stood over them.

“Oh, there’s that crazy coming out again,” Janessa sighed sarcastically.

Janes eyes flashed and fire seemed to blaze in her eyes as she stepped closer to Janessa, placed her hands firmly on Janessa’s desk and leaned over her. Janessa’s eyes widened such that the whites of her eyes were fully exposed as they formed a complete circle around her irises. The corners of her mouth turned downward as she leaned away. Jane seemed to tower menacingly over the smart alicky red head as her eyes bore into Janessa’s.

“Sweetheart, you haven’t seen crazy yet. But keep it up. Just, keep it up! And I’ll bring such a flood of it on you that you’ll be scarred for life! Just keep pushing me, Janessa! Please! Give me a reason! All I need is a reason to mop the floor with your useless ass!” Jane shouted.

Telling the Bullies Off

She then took her hands off Janessa’s desk and stood up, facing the class before continuing to speak.

“You’re all a bunch of cowardly bullies! You think you can walk over anyone you don’t like! Anytime you feel like it! And what really takes the cake is that you think they’re just supposed to take it and even ask for seconds! Well, I’m not the one! I won’t bow down and take your shit! I won’t kiss your ass like the rest of these chickenshit cowards do in this sorry excuse for a school! This school blows, this town blows, as do most of the people in it! I don’t give a fuck about any of you! What you think and your opinions mean jack shit to me! And I’m telling you all one last time! Fuck off!” Jane told them all before drawing a hand back and swiping Janessa’s books off her desk and into the floor.

“Stupid motherfuckers!” Jane muttered as she stormed back to her desk.

Bruce just sat there and stared at her, shocked and speechless.

“Hey, you need to pick up Janessa’s books off the floor,” Samantha demanded Jane.

“Pick ‘em up your goddamn self!” Jane shot back.

Some of the other classmates just turned and looked at each other. Others only exchanged quick, uncomfortable glances.

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