Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II C8-11

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This was the girls’ time to pounce. In the split-second Jane turned her attention to Bruce, they attacked. With Ashley sucker-punching her from the side and Breanna shoving her to the ground from behind. As Audrey was about to stomp Jane while she was on the ground, Jane quickly took her foot swept Audrey’s legs from underneath her, knocking her sideways to the ground. She then jumped up and took the three girls on.

As Breanna threw a punch, Jane moved fast as lighting as she dodged, grabbed her wrist, then twisted her arm behind her, forcing Breanna to double over to protect her arm. While maintaining a firm grip on Breanna’s arm, Jane quickly turned to see Audrey running up behind her. She delivered a kick to Audrey’s knee, causing her to howl in pain as she dropped to the ground. She then wrenched Breanna’s arm, pulling muscles and tendons and causing Breanna to cry out in intense pain before letting go.

This time, Breanna and Audrey were temporarily disabled, unable to move quickly because of their injuries. Ashley then grabbed Jane by the hair, twisting it around her wrist to get a firm hold, but Jane quickly twisted in a way that twisted Ashley’s arm, then grabbed a hold of her arm and slung her to the ground.


Just then, Chandler, having recovered, grabbed Jane from behind.

“How about I show you what a real man feels like, you dirty little whore!” He shouted just before Jane jabbed him in the torso with each of her elbows, then did a pivet and spin, delivering roundhouse to the side of Chandler’s head, sending him to the ground unconscious.

A bruised and bloodied Bruce was being pummeled by Ron, Bryson, and Daniel. With Breanna holding her sprained arm and, at the same time, trying to help a limping Audrey toward the parked vehicles, Ashley crawled on the ground behind them, reaching out for either of them to help her up. Seeing the girls slink off to the vehicles and Chandler, still on the ground unconscious, Jane ran to help Bruce.

Bruce, although pummeled, managed to get a few good licks in, punching Ron in the nose and busting Daniel’s lip. He then delivered a brutal eye gouge to Bryson. Jane ran up to the boys and yelled.

“Hey asshole! Turn around and face me!”

Standing Up for a Friend

Bryson turned around only to get the business end of Jane’s fist, right in the eye. Daniel managed to get behind Jane and grab her before body-slamming her to the ground. Jane landed on her side, then rolled over on her back just in time to see Daniel stand straddle of her, raising one foot high in the air to stomp her. Quick as a flash, she drew her knee to her chest and delivered an upward kick, catching Daniel directly in the crotch, and catapulted him backwards.

Daniel hit the ground with a hard thump, then let out a high-pitched shriek, like a girl. He grabbed his throbbing jewels and curled into a fetal position on the ground.

“Awww, fuuuuck!” He continued to shriek. He then coughed and vomited.

Jane looked up to see Ron fall after Bruce delivered the last brutal punch to his face. She got up slowly as Bruce ran up to her.

“We got to get the hell out of Dodge, fast! Come on, Jane, let’s go!” He shouted as he grabbed her by the hand. And the two ran out of the park as fast as their feet could carry them.

An hour later, Grandma Bennett’s front door flew open, Grandma Bennett jumped out of her easy chair to see Jane help Bruce into the house and lay him on the couch. Bandit ran down the stairs, barking frantically. Bruce’s left eye was swollen and turning black and blue. A trail of dried blood run from each corner of his mouth. Bruce was conscious but grunted in pain. He guarded his ribs.


“What in the Sam Hill!” Grandma shouted.

“We got into a fight in the park, Grandma B! Eight classmates tried to jump us!” Jane replied.

Bandit continued the loud barking before Grandma scolded him.

“Be quiet, Bandit. It’s just Jane. It’s alright, boy,” she said as she petted the dog to get him to calm down. She looked at Jane.

“The baby’s upstairs asleep.”

Grandma then knelt beside Bruce. Bandit lay on his belly in the corner, whimpering.

“Try to relax, young man,” She advised, “Stay with him, Jane. I’m going to the kitchen to get an old-fashioned home remedy and make a compress for that eye.”

When Grandma came back with the wet compress and put it over Bruce’s eye. Bruce grimaced not only in pain, but in disgust also.

“God, it stinks!” he said, “ugggh!”

“Well, it’s Apple cider vinegar and it’s gonna keep your face from swelling up like a balloon,” Grandma told him.

Grandma’s Home Remedy

She looked at Jane’s face, then took her by the chin and turned her face to the side to see a bruise on the side of her head.

“Oh, Lord Jesus, Jane! That’s looks bad! Let me go get another compress!”

Olivia came running down the stairs. She gasped when she saw Jane kneeling over the strange boy on the couch. The little middle-schooler was so shocked she couldn’t speak.

“Where’s Mom?” Jane asked, “We stopped by the house, but nobody was home.”

“She had to go into work early today. Jo got sick so Atticus called your mama in around lunchtime,” Grandma called back from the kitchen, “What on Earth were you two doing at the park. You were supposed to get on the bus and get off here. I called the school. Didn’t they give you the message?”

“No. I’m afraid they didn’t, Grandma,”

“Well, shoot! I can’t say I’m surprised! Those yoo-hoos at Thomasville High don’t give a crap!”

“Nope. They don’t,”

The Family’s Reaction

“So, why were you at the park when you should’ve been on the bus home?”

“We just wanted to go to the park for a little while, Grandma. And I texted Mom and let her know where I was,” Jane replied.

“Yeah, well, she was at work and couldn’t leave. But you can bet dollars to donuts that your mama’s going to ring your neck when she gets here tonight! I don’t think she’s going to like it one bit when we tell her what happened. So, you’d best brace yourself, honey,” Grandma warned, “Of course that’s a small price compared to what’ll happen if the sheriff catches wind of it! And you can be sure that he will! He’s got ears all over the place!”

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