Parents and Children Being Bullied and Doxxed by Vengeful School Boards

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Here’s what one parent had to say on Facebook. I’m withholding her name to protect her identity.

“I think I am going to throw up! I’m having a PTSD moment.

Please read the entire post and share. Parents need to know.

This man should be prosecuted to the fullest extend of the law in which is possible. Cyber Crimes and Stalking and Doxxing and a whole slew of other charges they can find!

Why do I feel this way? As you have been made of aware what happened to my child and the dysfunction by so called professional Educators and so called Professional Councilors and even a School Psychologist involved. Targeting and bullying and destroying a child and a parent. To my surprise after even dealing with legal aid who did absolutely nothing and I am doing everything possible I can for my son I get all my child’s education records!

I suggest to all parents you do the same. You might be surprised of what you might find!!

There is a envelope in my child’s education files! What do I find? I find Hippa Law Violation: Private medical records sent to the school and it even had mentioned my personal information and of course no one would believe me and everyone else covered their asses! Till this day no one has been prosecuted for anything these so called professionals did to my child and breaking laws.

Just disgusted at what these people have lowered themselves to, Arizona Educators, here in Ohio and across America.”

Doxxing cyber bullying

My take:

This is bullying on a grand scale, by school officials. And my advice to these parents is to take their kids out of public school and homeschool right away. Taking their kids out of these schools is the only way to even hope to hold these school officials accountable. Because with each child that exits public schools goes an average of $100.00 of funding per day in attendance. And it adds up quickly! Without kids, schools lose money! So, hit them where it hurts, parents!

With knowledge comes empowerment!

8 thoughts on “Parents and Children Being Bullied and Doxxed by Vengeful School Boards

  1. Michelleintel says:

    UGH! I’m ashamed of the school board from my alma mater. Two lawsuits against them recently; One for bullying a teen for not standing during the Pledge of Allegiance and the other for trying to cover up a sexual assault. Thank you for educating people on their rights to challenge bullies.

  2. 80smetalman says:

    I’m so glad people are speaking out about this now. If someone did when I was in high school, the adult who pulled my shorts down in gym class would be in jail. However, for me, it was the 1970s and if I had made any sort of complaint, I would have been the one in trouble.

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