Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II C8-10

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“Ooooh, will ya look at this, guys!”

Bruce paused and Jane flinched as they looked up and saw Chandler, Kevin, Ron, and Bryson approaching. In the street behind them was a waiting quad-cab pick-up truck, which was a shiny, new, silver Ford F-150. A shiny new red sports car pulled in behind the truck and out stepped Daniel from the driver’s side. Alice in Chains’ “Them Bones” blared from the car’s speakers as Breanna got out of the passenger side. Then, a third vehicle pulled up, a jeep, in which sat Audrey and Ashley. Both girls climbed out.

As the group of eight approached the new couple, Chandler spoke again.

“Damn, Bruce! We didn’t think you had it in you, boy!” he said.

Jane looked at Bruce.

“Look, Bruce. Let’s just go. I don’t want any drama and I hate fighting. Please let’s just go. You don’t have to prove anything to those creeps! I already know you’re a man!” Jane pleaded.

The Bullies Lay Down the Gauntlet

“Jane, I’m not running from these worthless pieces of shit!” Bruce said as he and Jane wrapped their arms tighter around each other.

“Well, isn’t that sweet! The lover boy is protecting his sweet love. ‘Must be really nice,” Breanna taunted.

“We’ve waited a long time for this, Jane! What? ‘You really believe the reprieve you got was by accident? Did you really believe we’d just give up and go away? Huh?” Audrey asked in a mocking tone.

“I don’t know, and I don’t care,” Jane growled, looking at Breanna as if to dare her, “What? Are you a bunch of stalkers now?”

Ashley scoffed before speaking.

“Stalkers? Ha-ha!” Ashley mocked before turning to Breanna and Audrey, then to each the guys, “Did you hear that, y’all? She just called us, us…a bunch of stalkers! Can you believe the audacity of this bitch?”

“Damn, boy! Ya girlfriend’s got bigger balls than you do!” Ron derided.

Challenging the Bullies

“Oh, really! Are you so stupid as to think that eight people on two makes you a man? Hell, you couldn’t survive without your wingmen, could you, Chicken Chandler?” Bruce challenged as he stepped in front of Jane, glaring at the bullies and placing his arms akimbo, “So, I tell ya what. If you’re a man, prove it! Take me one on one! Without any interference from your buddies! I dare ya!”

The split-second micro-expression of surprise flashed across Chandler’s face before he looked around at his friends.

“Boy, this bastard has great big, hairy balls the size of watermelons, don’t he?” He said before his friends roared in mocking laughter.

Chandler then turned back to Bruce.

“Alright, freak! I accept your challenge!” He said as he pulled off his muscle shirt to reveal six-pack abs, a bulging chest and well-chiseled guns.

Put Up or Shut Up

Jane just stood there, speechless, as she watched Bruce pulled his tee shirt off to reveal the same. Each boy faced each other, each placing a dominant leg back and throwing up their dukes. Chandler danced backwards, trying to dance around Bruce, prompting Bruce to slowly turn, maintaining his focus on him and his fisted guard up.

The girls surrounded Jane, prompting Jane to take a defensive stance, placing one leg behind the other and putting her hands up in preparation. The girls flinched and backed off.

“Yeah! That’s what I thought!” Jane snapped, raising her voice.

“That’s okay! We’ll get you after Chandler’s finished with your boyfriend…slut!” Breanna growled.

Meanwhile, Chandler took a swing at Bruce, but Bruce dodged and belted him in the stomach, then caught him under the chin with an upper cut. This caused Chandler to bite his tongue and his head to snap back.

Seeing Chandler stumbling, coughing, grabbing his wounded torso, and spitting blood, the other boys immediately charged Bruce. Seeing what was about to happen, Jane screamed.

“Bruce! Behind you!”

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