Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II C8-9

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Bruce caught up with Jane. As they walked to their next class, Jane spoke.

“I saw those four creeps go into the boys’ room while you were in there, Bruce. Did they say anything to you, Bruce?” Jane asked.

“Oh, they had plenty to say. But I handled it,” Bruce told her.

Just then, he and Jane caught sight of the boys in the crowd, on their way to their next class. She and Bruce watched as Chandler, surrounded by his buddies, stood in front of a row of lockers. His eyes flashed at them as he pounded his fist into the palm of his opposite hand, then pointed at them but more so at Bruce.

Breanna, Audrey, and Ashley joined Chandler and the other boys as Chandler turned to them and, again, pointed in their direction. Breanna turned around and shot Jane and Bruce a threatening glare. Jane and Bruce returned the sentiment, then turned to each other.

Unspoken Threats

“’Bunch of pussies,” Bruce said in a tone of contempt, “They wouldn’t be shit without their little entourage to back them up! And you just know that they all pile on the floor together during their little fraternity and sorority toga parties.”

Jane chuckled.

“I wouldn’t doubt it,” she said, “They’re all sick and twisted. They’re not even worth the time.”

“So, where are Roxie, Brenda, and Andy?” Bruce asked, changing the subject.

“They had to go to the office to buy locks for their lockers. I just got a padlock with a key for mine,” Jane answered, “It’s much quicker to open rather than using a combination lock.”

“And cheaper. Besides, I would rather give as little money as possible to this hellhole. This school sucks! And the lunch food tastes like ass! I can’t believe we gotta pay seven dollars a day for that!”

Jane chortled.

“No argument there! Except the pizza! The pizza is actually really good,” she said.

Sowing the Seeds of Love

“It’s the only thing that tastes good. But the spaghetti here is the worst! They put chopped celery in that shit, and that really grosses it up! And the chili looks like Alpo!”

Before long, dismissal bell rang, and it was time to go home. Instead of taking the bus home, Jane walked with Bruce to the city park. As they sat across from each other, at one of the picnic tables under the huge pavilion, Bruce reached across the table and took Jane’s hands in his. He gazed into her eyes, and she returned the gaze.

“I probably should text my mom and let her know where I am,” Jane said as she pulled out her phone. She entered “Mom” and hit search. Bruce smiled at Jane as her fingers and thumbs working quickly as she texted her mother, then hit send. She then stuffed the smartphone back into her purse and zipped it closed.

Bruce and Jane got up from the table and joined hands as they walked toward the walking track. They then stopped and gazed into each other’s eyes and Bruce caressed Jane’s face in his hands before they engaged in a soft kiss. Just as the soft kiss turned into an open-mouthed kiss, an all too familiar voice rang out from behind them.

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