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“It’s very important that you tell someone when you are being bullied – someone that you trust. You should never be quiet when you are being bullied or when you see someone being bullied. It’s so important to stand up and say something.”

Stephanie McMahon

17 thoughts on “Today’s Quote

  1. rubycommenting says:

    I’ve been not believed. I have been bullied most of life. What will happen is one person with a conscience will tell me privately that it’s real but tells me not to tell anyone that they told me so.

  2. M. Gellissen says:

    Dear Stephanie, you are so right that bullying needs to be spoken about. I’m a new professionaö to release bullying and searched for new ways to end bullying at school. I thought several years about the best method. Than I realized that bullying is a sadistic hidden might play and is prohibited under the crime law. Each bullying is a broken liberty right to join school life in peace. In addition the contract with schools grant parents the shelterhood of their kids. If children are permanently unhappy there has to be trust what parents tell about the mood and health of kids. So the school leaders have to educate conflicted classes. Their job is to help children to learn social good behaviour A school leader needs to know that bullying is a hidden fight acainst someone who doesn’t know his enemy. So all teachers need to teach classes about good class behaviour and that peace keeping is a vety impoetant item in democratic liiving. They need to teach them aswell the law and justice principlrs. And this, Stephany, teachers were mostly never tought in their study. This is the message: all volks in democratic countries are based on selfish oeganisation. Each member of a democracy is requested to be part of the democracy. Therefor every child and student need to learn some base lines about how to talk and argue about law units. We need to learn to convince each other in the name of the law books. Because solely children get sick by bullying because teachers and school leaders take a right to not trust and listen to children and let not conince about the hidden conflict by parents. Thry don’t have these rights noz to listen and .not trust. They are blinded by what? Teachers love probabely too much to be mighty! Mostly because of a mental blokades and oftrn they were aswell mistreated crualy when they,were children. The weel of mistreatingand taking revanche between hundreds of genetations can be cut in a sudden, when new genetations rethink what democracy its depth. We need to end hierarchic thinking of graduations by profession. Each graduation is made equally by existing in the eyes of the law and the Lord. Therefor I propose as a new leadership coaching “starting the path to our own existing center, the path to our soul space in universe. I went this path for 3 years and was blessed founding myself. That was a big honor to me. Now my intuition is sharpened by more awareness and devotion to life at itself. Most of my own blokades were released when found the place of my souls space in universe. Our soul intuition can become our trueth wisdom which is ongruebt with science and law if we seaeched our soul place by this frame too and if we rethink social rules. Rules are never made to serve themselves. Rules are made to help and if they are no more helpful, they must be wrong. Children who bully otherths are desorientated. They need a therapy to understand why they could do so brute things with sadism. They said, children always were brute in history but the trueth is children are lead by adults and authorities.. They do what their prefaces show them to do. They are conected with the most mighty authority of school or at home they believe most.. There is no bullying which harms children deeply, where is a trustfull relaxed mighty preface as scgool leader.. So there is the source of the disorder of social wrong behaviour. Normally scientists discovered all tvat long time ago, back to Sigmund Freud and C.G. Jung times. They found that children behave towards other people they trust as if they were the same. So conflicts amoung children which can’t be solved are mirroring conflicts amoung adults. That makes sense than, why school leaders sometimes don’t help pupil. The trueth
    than is the conflict between school leader and parents, upon childtrens shoulders. That is really sick and towards the protector role of school leadership a shizoid ethical disorder. Those leaders don’t deserve to go on working. Normally into mental hospital or jale. Do you understand why knowing about law is so very important? I don’t hope if the turn over to look at bullying as a true criminal act of school leader mistrust crime will bneed to ve punished . My,hope is that the taining of school leaders and the salary,too will increase. . If we reflect that trust is the highest good in all democracies worldwide, we will understand that the word of a child asking for help at school can”t be denied or is to be punished. Brake the trust to a child and you brake the childhoids happiness. We need to stand together for happy childhoods. I hope you agree. Thank you for your attention to this inovative new view onto bullying release. Wishing well, Mary

  3. Eloho says:

    It’s true but most times the one been bullied feels like no one understands. So yes we need to speak up to help restore self confidence back to ourselves to reassure us that our bullied is not our fault but a weakness on the part of the bully

    • cheriewhite says:

      You’re absolutely right, Eloho. We do. Thank you so much! 💖 Speaking out is the only way we can heal.

      And I would love to follow your blog, but the powers at WordPress have Unjustly flagged my blog and disabled my ability to like or follow blogs as of May of this year.

      I can put you in my blog roll, which is the closest thing to a follow, and keep up with your posts. And I can comment if they don’t toggle it. Again, I appreciate your feedback and kindness more than you know.

  4. Lamittan Minsah says:

    Yes. Sharing helps a lot. I remember once when I was being bullied by an older village mate. 😔 Had I not shared with my teachers, that son-of-a-bitch would have killed me. Sharing is important.

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